Monday, July 03, 2017

Novaks Visit

The Novaks arrived early Saturday morning.  We had a lot going on with prepping food and setting up for Leah's baptism but we did get a chance to go to Baja Fish Tacos for lunch before the big event.  Bill and Kayla got a nap in since they drove all night long and Scott got a shower because he came straight from Scout Camp.  I'll post about the baptism events separately.  On Sunday we ventured up to see the Space Shuttle Endeavour at the California Science Center.  It's always impressive and the Science Center has a few interesting exhibits too.  


Bill was interested to see the Coliseum which is right next to the Science Center.  The history of the building is pretty impressive since it hosted two Olympic games.

One of the best parts of going to LA is all of the good restaurants.  This time we ate at Rocco's Pizza and Diddy Riese.

The next day we had a Bon Fire at Corona Del Mar on July 3rd.  The beach was packed but luckily Brennan and guys got up really early to go fishing and got a fire ring for us.  It was a blast of a day, the kids were out in the water all day long.  The adults played Jazzminton on the beach.  We stayed until sunset roasting hot dogs and have smores for dinner.  We haven't had a bon fire for years so it was pretty fun to do that again.  I'm glad the Novaks got to have a good day at the beach with us.


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