Saturday, July 01, 2017

Leah's Baptism

Saturday was a special day for Leah.  Having it close to the holiday meant we were able to have a lot of family in town.  We loved having the Novaks here visiting with us.  On the way to the baptism we stopped by the lake and took a few pictures. 

At the church there was a nice program.  Cindy gave the talk.  Scott was able to baptize Leah.  I thought it was pretty special to have a 16 year old cousin baptize her.  I love that our kids and Bill's kids are such great friends.  Bill and Bryan were witnesses and they had their work cut out for them since Leah's elbow kept coming up out of the water and she had to be baptized 3 times!  Definitely made it memorable!  Grandpa Suman confirmed her a member of the church and gave her a sweet blessing.  Ava, Leah and Anna sang Come, Come unto Him and did a nice job singing sweetly.

Afterward we went back to the Suman's house for a BBQ sandwich dinner and fun hanging out as a family, playing games and being silly.  We sang happy birthday to Leah.  It was great having so many cousins in town.  The kids loved it.  We saw a lovely sunset to end a great day with her number 8 balloon floating off into space.


Here are a few favorites from the photos we took of Leah in her baptism dress for her invitations.  She decided on this first one where she laughing because she said it seemed like it looked like her the most.  She is a goofy, happy, and spirited child.

We love you, Leah!

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