Friday, June 30, 2017

June 2017

Back to the beach club!  Andrew calls it the beach pool.  We had a good day but hate the bees hanging around.  Leah was having flashbacks to last summer when she was stung.

Eric with his sun head.  He was pretty proud of this picture. 

Andrew is my little helper in all things.  He is always right by my side.  He also likes when I hold him like a baby and say, "Hi, baby".  Saying goodnight gets a little intimate.  Sweet baby boy!

Playtime with the neighbors.  We found out that the Koellikers bought a house and are moving to San Clemente this summer.  We are so devastated!  They have been awesome neighbors and our kids are such good friends.  We will always remember these years of raising our kiddos next door to them.  Luckily they have lots of family in RSM/Foothill so we will still be seeing them.  We will miss walking home from school with them, being in Primary with them, riding bikes with them, etc. Every time Andrew hears a knock on the door he thinks it's Shay Shay at the door wanting to play.  When he sees their car in the driveway he wants to go say hi and loves to climb around in their car.  They add so much fun to our street and will be missed!  Hopefully we get in some new fun neighbors.

Andrew waving at his fan.

Eric and Leah exploring the field at RSM Intermediate.  They had a million chairs set up for 8th grade graduation.

Apparently today was hat day.  All of the kids were excited to sport some hats out to dinner.

My goofy boy!  When he sees me taking a picture of the girls he wants his picture taken too.  Eric took Andrew for a walk at the park and found this little cave.  He doesn't look too excited about it.  He also has decided he is a big fan of pistachios.  It's pretty cute to hear him try to pronounce it and try to open the shells.  It gets messy.

Eric ended up needing a root canal on his front tooth.  It's been an ongoing ordeal and we are hoping it is the cause of his headaches. 

Eric is making kombucha in his office. He was pretty proud of this nasty!!

One of the main things Leah wanted to do for her birthday was go on a bike ride.  So off the girls went with Eric on an adventure.  They each had to take major breaks along the way.  They made it to the lake, bought fidget spinners at the donut store, went over to O'Neill Park and back home.  Sounds like it was quite the adventure!

Monday, June 26, 2017

Leah is 8!

For Leah's 8th birthday we decided to do a family staycation and go to the Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove.  We stayed one night and the kids loved sleeping in the Wolf Den.  We were able to use the water park both days that we were there and we really got our fill of the place.  The girls got to go on every thing.  They were especially brave when they went do the slide where the floor drops out from under you.  Yikes!  Even Andrew found a little slide that was perfectly suited for him.  We loved the wave pool and the girls did great boogie boarding.  They also loved getting the huge bucket of ice cream for dessert.  My only complaint was that I wish it was less crowded but we still had an awesome time!  On the way home we had a birthday dinner at Ruby's Diner and opened gifts.  Happy Birthday, Leah!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Ava: Volleyball

Ava did Volleyball again for the spring season. She got a great set of coaches and she did awesome! She got her serve down and was doing a good job at returning and passing the ball. She was definitely one of the most reliable players on the team and did her part. She enjoyed having Julia Shelton on her team from Robinson.  After the last game, the coach told her that she was their first pick during the evaluations which made her really proud. The Riptides came in 3rd place after a devastating loss in the playoffs.