Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 2017

Jeremy's 15th Birthday!  Camille and Bryan got him a huge motherlode cake from Claim Jumper!  He had a couple of friends over.  Gram got a little prank going with a whipped cream pie and confetti eggs.  What a mess!  It was pretty funny though.

A visit from our neighborhood cat, Gerald. Andrew LOVES him and follows him everywhere. Ava even made a little movie out of it. So cute. 

Pool time.  I love that our pool has a hot tub or hot pool as Andrew calls it.  I am trying to get Andrew used to go to the pool, being safe in his floaty, and not being SO attached to only me.  It's a work in progress.  Crossing my fingers for Florida and this summer.

Ava and Leah sang in Sacrament with Douglas girls and Katie Neilson.  They sang it perfectly and their voices were so sweet together.


We had a huge wind storm and the next morning we saw that about 20 feet of our wooden fence had fallen over.  Such a bummer!  Eric did a good job repairing it.  All of the ivy had weighed down on the other side of the fence so we decided to really go after it and take all of the ivy off before it made that side fall over.  It's slowly growing back on but now we can control how thick, heavy and tall it gets. 

Quality time with the baby boy.


Friday, April 21, 2017

Variety Show: Glow Girls!

Ava and Leah wanted to do the Variety Show again this year but the Gillies weren't able to participate so Cindy Strange and I took on the task of getting an act together for our girls plus 6 others.  Lindsey Brewster had the idea of the girls doing a glow stick person dance so we ran with it.  Everyone pitched in but Cindy and I ran practices, coordinated costumes, and I chose the music and edited it all together.  The night of the show was madness trying to get all of the glow sticks taped to their fleece onesies and ready for the show but we got it done!  The onesies were hot and huge and fit me!  With all of their glow sticks taped on they couldn't sit down during the rehearsal.  It was all pretty comical.  The show was great though and the girls were adorable, of course.  They loved being apart of this Robinson event.  You Glow Girls! 

The Glow Girls are:  Hanna Rashid, Mackenzie Strange, Brooklyn Fugitt, Leah Suman, Hannah Bent, Ava Suman, Mia Bianchi, Avery Brewster and Katie Neilson

Belle sang Lost Boys dressed as Wendy from Peter Pan.  She was so brave and cute up there alone.  

The video of the performance:

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

We enjoyed a nice Easter Sunday.  The Easter Bunny came and did an extra good job of hiding the girls baskets right under their noses in their own closets.  Pretty tricky!

We attempted a family picture once we were all dressed and ready for the day.  The girls looked pretty in their new dresses and the boys were handsome.

We went to church, the Primary kids sang in Sacrament meeting and then we went to the Suman's house for dinner and an egg hunt in the backyard.