Friday, March 31, 2017

Mulitplicity Day

Multiplicity Day at Robinson is always fun. The girls like matching with their friends and the more the merrier. This year we coordinated with the Koellikers and Gillies as well as Leah's friend Belle. We found "Twinsies" shirts at Justice that were perfect for the day. Love these neighbors and friends. We are so lucky to have great girlfriends for our girls. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Bedroom

With our girls getting older and growing we really wanted them to have their own space and privacy. With only two bedrooms to spare with three kids we were unsure how to make it all work. We looked at all of our options and the most economical and simple solution was to make our dining room into a bedroom. Initially the bedroom was going to be for Ava but as we discussed the pros and cons we decided to move Andrew downstairs and let the girls have the larger rooms together upstairs. We ended up keeping the workers on to do more painting of the stairs, upstairs hallway, and all of the doors in house.  It is much brighter now and suits the smaller space better than the deep colors that were there before. They also updated the tile on the fireplace so they could use the tile on the floor where they accidentally removed in the doorway of the new bedroom.  We got new couches for the living room since the leather was wearing and peeling on our old ones.  We also got a larger round/oval kitchen table since we had to get rid of our dining table. 
We are very pleased and it looks like it was always there.



Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Gemstone for Mom

In Mrs Brown's class Ava had to write a 22 word message for me as to why I deserve a diamond.  There are two diamond winners and there are a lot of second place and third place winners.  Ava was chosen as a second place winner and I received an amethyst gemstone.  Thank you Ava!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Girls Basketball

Ava and Leah tried a season of basketball. We were recommended to try an all girls league from some friends and the girls had so much fun. They were on the Islanders team with Coach Matt. Unfortunately their team did not win any of their games which was a little disheartening but they still enjoyed the process. They learned a ton about a sport they knew very little about and are still wanting to try it again sometime. I guess you can consider that a win! Throughout the season, Ava scored a few points and Leah had some good breakaways.  I loved watching the last game and seeing them run plays, set screens, making good passes, and being aggressive in their defense.  Go Islanders!