Tuesday, January 31, 2017


Andrew hasn't quite figured out how to ride his scooter. He just pushes it around. But he still looks cute doing it especially in that helmet!

We love being outside riding bikes and playing capture the flag with all of the kids on the street.

The girls made Emoji cookies to bring to Sunday dinner.  They loved deciding which faces to recreate.

Andrew is such a boy (good thing)! He loves rocks and digging in the dirt.

We celebrated Eric's 37th birthday at Taco Mesa with the Eisenbises and Eric's parents.  We are getting old!  Love you, Eric!

Ava partnered up with Hanna and Mackenzie for their Scholar Dollar Day.  They made soda floats!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Laura: Old Photos

So here is a "Throwback Thursday"...I got a few old pictures from my parent's house that I wanted to document here. 
Novak and Richardson cousins.  We enjoyed summer vacations together in Indiana, catching lightening bugs, roller skating, and going to the circus.

My parents in 1979.  My mom was pregnant with me.

Grandpa Walter Novak as a young man and near the end of a wonderful life.

 Novak family photo.

Most of the Novaks at Uncle Bob's house.
(missing Robbie and Scott)