Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Night and Pumpkin Carving

Halloween night was a success! We had Bill, Cindy, and the Eisenbises over for dinner. We had "halloweenies" and jack o lantern cheeseburgers. We got to go trick or treating, stop by the Judd's house where Leah got a special treat from her Primary teacher, went to the haunted house, watched the end of Hotel Transylvania at the Gillies house, and finished up back at our house with the candy dump!  Andrew caught on pretty quick with the trick or treating thanks to Eric.  He looked so little at the doors.


A few days before Halloween we carved pumpkins.  I was proud of the girls for doing most of the cleaning, drawing, and carving all on their own.  Andrew surprised all of us and was really into the pumpkins.  He loved fishing out the guts and seeds.  He was very neat and careful about it, too.  Ava and Leah made traditional jack o lanterns and Andrew got a moon with bats since he loves both.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Happenings

Suman siblings.

Art in Action at Robinson.

Robinson Book Fair with friends.

Movie Night at Robinson.  We watched Hook and had a dance party!


4th Grade Field Trip to Trabuco Canyon Elementary School in the canyon.

 Pinktober at Robinson
Plus Leah's class did a trick or treat activity for the Special Ed classes.

Saturday afternoon park day at the Lake Forest Sports Park with Meredith, Cindy, and Eisenbise girls.

Mandi's 5th Birthday!  We celebrated with cousins and then Leah got to go to her Tinkerbell party the next weekend.


Impromptu dance party at the Gerdts house with Millers, Smiths, Bates and Eisenbise cousins.

Ava went to Mackenzie's 10th Birthday party, a painting party at an art studio in Ladera Ranch.

Fall Break for Arizona at Newport Beach with the Bates.  The beach is empty in October and the kids liked playing on the lifeguard stand, even Andrew.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Fall Soccer 2016

Leah is on the Coral Dolphins (#7) but recently changed their name to Boomers! She loves being on the team with Natalia and Kinsley. The first week Leah scored a goal!  Since she has scored more goals and has gotten better with each week. Both of the girls soccer pictures came out really cute.  It's too bad that 3 of Leah's team members were missing for the group shot.

Ava is on the Strikers (#12).  They actually started out as the Crushers but the coach found out that there were already 3 other teams with the name Crushers.  What are the chances? The second and third week, Ava scored goals! She has also been improving and understanding the rules more.  After a rough Spring season with Elite, this AYSO Fall season has been a welcomed change.  Ava is enjoying soccer again!

Excited to see how this season ends for both of their teams. Ava's team made it to the playoffs!  The girls want to try basketball next.