Sunday, September 25, 2016

Birthday Celebrations and More (Aug/Sept)

Celebrating my 37th birthday!

We have had a couple of great families move out of our area this summer.  Here we are at a park day with friends, saying goodbye to the Pulido family (Aug 12).

Taking a break on a bike ride with Dad (Aug 13).

Cheers to homemade lemonade (Aug 14)!

Anna, Mandy, Ava, and Leah set up their American Girl dolls to "watch TV" together (Aug 14).

Fire season is among us.  We saw that one out in San Bernardino on our drive to UT but one morning (Aug 31) we woke up to smoke on the mountain near our home in Holy Jim Canyon.  The helicopters were flying over head for days getting water from the Dove Canyon reserve and also the RSM Lake.  The firefighters did a great job containing it but did not like how looming it was. 


He is adventurous and getting into more and more mischief.  He loves to try to climb on everything (Aug 31). 

Labor Day weekend at Newport Beach with the Bates and Mere (Sept 3).  The kids had the best time boogie boarding and burying each other in the sand.  The beach is always fun and wipes Andrew out.

Celebrating Camille's Birthday, September 3! 

Playing Telestrations at the same time as the Carlson were opening that as a gift from us and Mark and Sara.  Also, drinking bacon soda that Bill and Cindy got for me...which wasn't very good but made for a fun test trial (if you were brave enough to drink it).

Uncle Rich's Birthday!

For some reason we haven't shown Andrew how to climb up the ladder in our backyard playground. He loves the swing but hasn't ever explored in the playhouse or gone down the slide by himself. Maybe it is because the ladder is straight up and kind of scary for a wobbly one year old. He loved it though. Especially the steering wheel and trying to trick me into thinking he was going to try to slide down the rock wall. Silly boy (Sept 12).

I have been taking Andrew to Story Time at the RSM Library on Wednesdays.  He loves playing with the puzzles and watching all of the other kids there.  It's been fun meeting up with his buddy Zachary Moradi (Sept 14).  

Ava and Leah attended Shay Koelliker's 7th birthday party at Pump It Up on Sept 20.  It was a surprise party and girls had so much fun with their friends!

This little handsome dude has been so silly lately.  Learning how to talk more and mimic sounds and words more often.  Here is a little video of his funny faces (Sept 22).  

The Chili's in Foothill Ranch is closing down!  It is so sad.  We have many wonderful memories there.  We went with Meredith for a last meal on Sept 24 .  We had to get a Chili's multi-chip picture.  We also learned that Andrew loves corn on the cob.  He loved gnawing on this thing. Thanks for the fun times Foothill Ranch Chili's...see you in Mission Viejo.

Little Andrew trying on Dad's glasses again (Sept 25).

Another cute Andrew pic.  Bed head and tired eyes.

Ava and friends on a 4th grade field trip.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Palm Springs 2016

I can't believe another year has gone by and the Palm Springs trip has come again. Camille and I had fun house hunting and organizing for the trip. We ended up with 11 girls coming this year. We took off on Friday morning with a quick stop for Diet Cokes at McDonalds on our way out of town.  In my car I had Sara, Teresa, Dana, Meredith and Adrian.  Rachael took Lauren, Kam and Karis.  Camille had a work event to attend with Bryan so she couldn't come until Friday night but she sent this selfie of her drive.  We also stopped at one of the pretty Palm Springs signs on the way into town.

It's always exciting to roll into town and find our home for the next few days and see what it's like inside instead of just pictures.  I love exploring new homes every year. 


After checking out the house we got some lunch and went grocery shopping so we could stock the fridge for the weekend (mostly Diet Coke).  Kam brought us all our own personalized shopping bags.  Love the watermelon theme.


The rest of afternoon was pool time!  The pool/spa wasn't super glamorous but we had a fun time!  Rachael brought the big fun unicorn float!  Love to see what she comes up with every year.


That evening we went to our favorite spot, Bill's Pizza.  I love the Carole's White Pizza.  So good!

Later that night we played Telestrations for hours and had a lot of good laughs.  And ice cream cones, always ice cream cones.

Of course, more pool time.  This afternoon we decided to play catch.  It evolved into something more and we nicknamed it "Bomb Ball" after Lauren's son's soccer team.  We got to 108 hits with the whole group playing.  We were so proud!  Sara took this time lapse video.  It really was so fun. 

For lunch we tried out a new spot, Tipper's.  Kam had the winner sandwich.  That evening went out for pasta and some of the girls went to Target.  Late that night we watched the movie The Way Way Back.


There was a little mishap with the pool heat settings and the pool ended up feeling more like a hot tub than a pool.  If it was cool outside, I would have been all over it but it was 105 degrees and felt kind of yucky.  We made the most of it though and got a sprinkler to set up over the pool to cool us down.  It was fun to have it "raining" on us in the desert!  It also gave us an excuse to enjoy the inside A/C and color and chat.


Every time I talked to Leah, she wanted to know if I took a picture on the unicorn yet.  So finally I asked Rachael to take my picture but while I was getting on I stumbled and fell onto Rachael causing her to drop my phone in the pool.  It was so sad!  We immediately went to the store and got rice.  Thankfully once I got home and checked it out, my phone worked and hasn't had any issues since!  Phew!  There were a series of picture taken from under the water though.  Totally worth the picture though...right?


A small group of us made it over to Sherman's Deli for lunch.  I love that french dip sandwich.

We made reservations at our favorite little mexican place, Las Casuelas Terraza.  I love sitting outside listening to the live band, people watching, and some of our girls even danced.  We came back to the house and went night swimming.  We saw a shooting star that was almost unbelievable.  We watched the movie, Sing Street.

The last morning is always clean up times, saying goodbye, and group photos.  We also went to Bill's pizza on the way out of town!

I love these girls and love this tradition.  It is so much fun to get away for a few days and remember what life is like without kids and reconnect with sisters and cousins.  Until next year, Palm Springs!

While I was gone in Palm Springs, Eric stayed with the kids.   On Friday, Ava had a two hour soccer practice.  On Saturday, he had 3 soccer games and 2 sets of soccer pictures to attend for the girls with Andrew in tow.  They also got to celebrate Ava's goal at Menchie's for frozen yogurt.  He was tired of soccer by the end of the weekend.  I missed my little family but had such a great time.