Monday, August 29, 2016

1st Day of School: 2016-2017

Can't believe school is back in session! We got home from our UT/ID trip and that was it...summer was over! The girls were excited and not too nervous. They had a great first day and both were sitting right next to their best friends. Leah is in 2nd grade in a 2/3 combo class with Mrs. Overmyer. Ava is in 4th grade with Mrs. Brown. Happy Back to School!

The next evening we celebrated with dinner at Souplantation with the Eisenbises, Gram, Grandpa, and Meredith.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Vacation: Utah

Our drive to Utah was much more eventful than we would have liked. We ran into the Blue Cut fire in San Bernardino and they had closed the freeway, I-15.  We were stuck in horrible traffic everywhere.  Every alternative route was closed.  Finally we decided to go through Big Bear. The drive up the mountain was really pretty but poor Andrew got car sick through the turns.  We pulled off, got him cleaned up and changed, explored the hillside for a few minutes and then hit the road again.  Such a long day of driving.


We made it to Vegas in 12 hours.  The kids were really great travelers besides the car sick incident.  We were so exhausted by the time we got there so we spent the night in the Excalibur and in the morning we hit the road again and finally made it to the Novaks house in time for dinner.

At Bill's house, Andrew was obsessed with the cats.  He was in their face, chasing them, petting them, pulling their tails, and squealing. He was batted at multiple times by Tiger and even Mittens but luckily, never with claws.  Good kitties. Eric noted that we dodged a bullet.

We visited Adrian and the kids at her house.  It was fun to see her in her own environment.  The Willards were there visiting also.  The cousins had fun playing together.  Dana didn't tell her kids we were coming and it was cute to see their reactions when we showed up at the door.  Andrew loves the twins and Oliver, they were trying to hug each other again.  Too cute!


We went to Lagoon (separate post)!
Bill arranged for us to go to a Salt Lake Bee's game, Angels minor league team.  It was fun to be at a ball game and have awesome seats behind home plate!  

We celebrated Kimmy and my birthdays!  Can't believe she is 12!  We had cake and Bill made delicious steaks and mac and cheese.  My parents gave me some pretty pearls which were worn to the wedding!

We went to Snowbird to do the summer activities offered there (separate post).
We coordinated a friends night with Tyson, Justin, and Gordon and their families.  Thanks to the Taylors for hosting.  Arson Car serenaded the kids and it was fun to hear band practice again.

We went swimming a couple of times.  The kids had fun jumping off of the springboards.  Scott got brave (with some bribery) and jumped off of the high platform.  The kids had to be 10 to go on the platforms which was a major bummer for Ava and Leah.  They worked up their courage only to be denied.

The Pie!  Always delicious pizza.

We spent a day exploring in Provo.  We had breakfast at Great Harvest.  We drove by all of the old houses and ate lunch at Cafe Rio, I can't believe it changed locations. We explored BYU campus.  Eric, Ava, and Leah hiked the Y.  It was a tough hike but they did it (with maybe a few breaks along the way)!

We went with the Novaks to the movies to see Pete's Dragon.  Everyone enjoyed it. 

Scott, Kimmy and Kayla started school while we were there!

After Brinton and Karen's wedding and luncheon (separate post) we went with some of the family to Park City Olympic Park and watched the ski jumpers and then to Granny's Drive In in Heber City for shakes.

The next day we all drove up to Burley/Rupert, Idaho for the wedding reception at the Wilson Theater (separate post).  Before the wedding reception the kids and Eric went swimming at the hotel.  After the reception we went out for an ice cream treat with Bill, Cindy and Meredith and then went to bed at the hotel.

The next morning we started our drive home.  It went a lot smoother this time.  We drove straight through to CA from ID, 14+ hours .  We passed Bill, Cindy and Meredith on the freeway home a few times.

We were so excited to be home! We had an awesome trip. The Novaks were excellent hosts. We loved visiting with them and Mom and Dad. We were happy to be able to attend the Carlson wedding and reception. So glad it all worked out! Thanks everyone!