Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ava: 3rd Grade Fun

3rd grade has been a lot of fun, especially this past month.  The third graders learned to basket weave.  

Field trip to Heritage School. 

Chalk Fest!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Time with Dad

Eric likes to take the kids on little hiking adventures.  
One Sunday afternoon Eric took Andrew went on a walk in O'Neill Park. He was our little woodsman carrying a stick around.  So cute. 

Another day, Leah and Eric went out in Robinson to explore.  They saw this pretty cactus along the way. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Play Time

Andrew having trampoline fun.

Kole Davis and Leah had the same soccer uniform and same number!  They were embarrassed and secretly excited about it.

Andrew eating yogurt on his own.  He is learning to use a spoon.  Too bad every time he uses his left hand!  Time will tell if he is a lefty.

We have had some time at the park with friends.  One afternoon, Ava decided to have Leah and their friend Ava bury her in the sand.  Only her face was out!  It looked so awful but they loved it!

We celebrated Jeremy and Cindy's birthdays!

Andrew has a silly funny face. After he eats in his high chair he thinks it's time to color.  Again, a lot of coloring using his left hand.

Swinging at the park.

Leah's last day of soccer!  She got her participation medal and the award for "Most Dependable".  The girls had a rough soccer season.  They didn't win any games and only scored a couple of goals.  Leah scored one of those goals!  She loves playing and doesn't seem to mind playing, even when they are losing.

Ava had her last day of soccer too!  Go Nightmares!  It was fun being on a team with so many friends.  The girls were good sports over a really tough season.  They loved having Coach Ric Gillie and Eric Davis.  They were great.

Colin pulling the boys in the backyard.

Back to the beach club.  We will be spending lots of wonderful days here this summer!

Leah went to Gaby Perez's birthday party at Chuck E Cheese's.  They were very generous and it was great to get to know their sweet family.  Thanks for the fun time!

Some silly Sunday family pictures.

Andrew and Leah making messes.  Actually Leah and Eric made play dough but Andrew...yes, just making a mess.

Apparently we had Africanized bees hanging out in our yard.  We had the exterminator come out and take a look.  These bees were HUGE!  Glad we got them taken care of.

Backyard bubble fun.

Leah drew this hamburger and french fries while playing restaurant.  I thought the abstract quality was pretty great.  I love it!

Monday, May 16, 2016

Andrew:18 Months

Baby boy is 18 months old! Time is flying by. He is a man of little words but knows what he wants and really tries to talk. He likes to sing, babble, copy talk, and squeals with his sisters. He loves to swing, run on the trampoline and color. He might be left handed. He loves music and dances when there is a beat. He loves being outside exploring and getting wet in the sprinkler. He still drinks milk from a bottle and sucks on a pacifier. He loves to drink some of Eric's morning green smoothie. He will run in front outside or upstairs when he hears the blender start up. He loves to draw (on paper, on walls, on the floor, etc). You must watch him constantly because he is into everything! He loves to throw things on the ground when he is through with anything. He loves to turn the TV on and off. Basically, toddlerhood in full force over here! Despite all of this, he is a sweet boy. His little smile and scrunched nose brighten our days. I love that he is a mama's boy and has to sit on my lap for his bottle and will give us little waves hi and bye.  He does the best little funny faces and runs away as a game when Eric says it's time for bed. 

At Andrew's doctor's appointment he checked out just fine.  Unfortunately he had to have his blood drawn and get a shot.  It was so sad!
Height 32.8" (65%)
Weight 22 lb 4 oz (38%)
Head 19.2" (84%)

He also had his first day in Nursery!  It's not going super great but hopefully he will get used to it soon.