Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Andrew: 15 Months

Well a lot has happened in the last two weeks.  Andrew started walking!  I love seeing his smiling face and Frankenstein walk coming around the corner.  He is getting better and better as the days go on.  At Math and Science Night at Robinson he was motivated by Eric's glasses to walk.  Here is some video of him that night:

He had his 15 month check up and all is well with Andy boy.  He is 20 lbs 10 oz (17th %) and 32" long (80th %).  He is still our happy guy.

Andrew has also mastered crawling down the stairs.  We made it through the last baby and no baby gates!  Here is a video.

Also, I just love this cute little picture of Eric and Andrew getting ready for work in the morning. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Park Day

Poor Andrew had a bad cold for over a week and just seemed miserable. Not only Andrew but the whole family had some version of a cold.  We were going stir crazy over our 4-day weekend.  We finally left the house and went to the park one afternoon.  The girls brought their bikes and Eric got to ride too.  Andrew decided to start a new trick.  He crawled up the stairs of the play structure and went down the slide all on his own.  It was really cute to see him figure it out, how to turn around and go down on him tummy. He is exploring so much more now and getting braver!  

Here is video of Andrew going down the slide.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ava: Patriotic Performance

All of the 3rd grade classes participated in a Patriotic Performance. They sang patriotic songs and had different appearances from Presidents, First Ladies, and other US figures. It was informative, clever, and touching. The kids did awesome learning lots of words to songs and their individual speaking parts. Ava got to be Abigail Adams and she did a great job at memorizing and delivering her speak part. She looks pretty in her costume and I am so glad we were able to snap these pictures in front of the American flag wall before the show, it was the perfect backdrop.

Here is a short video of Ava's speaking part:

Other videos of songs:
Old Abe Lincoln
States Song

Proud To Be an American:

Ava's entrance into the play:

A week before the performance, the kids made the cute t-shirts they are wearing in the chorus.

Saturday, February 06, 2016


Ava started volleyball for the first time. There was some drama after evaluations when Mackenzie, Hannah, and Owen ended up on one team and Ava did not. Luckily, Ava decided to give it a try and she seems to really enjoy it! Her coaches are knowledgeable and kind. The first game was hard on Ava, she couldn't serve it over the net but she was determined and practiced hard during the week. At the second game she was serving it over every time and scored 7 points for her team! She was thrilled and earned herself some ice cream!

Here is a video of Ava's first serve!

Volleyball pictures!