Saturday, January 30, 2016

Andrew: 14.5 Months

A little Andrew update. He is currently 14 1/2 months. He still isn't walking or talking but he takes steps on his own and has started communicating a little bit with yes, no, waving, and signing more and all done. He tries to say Ava and Leah's names and it's cute to hear. He is still our happy little guy but has started a tantruming a little bit. His dinosaur screech isn't my favorite noise but seems to snap out of it quickly, thankfully. He transitioned to whole milk perfectly. He still loves his bottle and pacifier. He eats baby food still but is anxious to try all of our table food, too. Thankfully he still loves his vegetables! He watches one show on Netflix, Baby Genius Favorite Nursery Rhymes and loves it.  It's funny to see him "use" the iPad.  The girls love when he cuddles with them which isn't very often since he is on the go most of the time.  He loves to be outdoors - pushing his train around, going on the swings, playing on the trampoline or just digging in the dirt...he is happy outside.  I find him playing with the girls' toys sometimes and I am reminded that I need to pull out the trains, cars, and balls more often for him.  The upcoming law in CA is for babies to be rear facing until 2 years.  I am trying to keep Andrew turned backward as long as possible in my car but the car seat in Eric's car is forward facing.  It was cute to see those pictures of him.  He loved his new view.  We have loved every stage with this little guy and he is such a joy for all of us.  We are excited for the next stage of walking and talking.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance

Robinson Elementary had their 2nd Annual Daddy Daughter Dance. The girls were looking to this event again this year. They love it! They went on their big group dinner date with friends (Gillies, Brewsters, Towners, Cheneys, Neilsons, Koellikers) to San Giovanni's and then off to the dance. I wish I would be this happy about sending them off on all of their future dates. Great night! 


Pictures of the girls before the dance. 
Also featured is Leah's new toothless smile!  She lost her second front tooth this week.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Leah: Character Matters

Two of the first grade classes performed the play, Character Matters. I love this play and all of the cute and clever songs in it. Leah was chosen to be Little Red Riding Hood and got to say a couple of lines in the first scene. Her song, The Golden Rule, was one of my favorites. Leah did a great job speaking clear and loud and did a nice job on her part. We were all so proud of her.  She loved have Gram and Grandpa there too.

Leah's cute big buddy made her this card after the performance.

The video of Leah's part:

After the play was over the kids got changed because the rest of the school was having pajama day! There was even a kid dressed up as a teddy bear taking pictures with the kids during lunch time.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Eric's Birthday

Eric and I are finally the same age again. 36 looks good on you, Eric! We celebrated with a Sunday dinner party. He opted for magic bars instead of cake. Jeremy insisted on 36 candles on the cupcakes. On Monday night we went to Tommy's Burgers. We were all a little hesitant but ended up enjoying it, most of us sans chili on top but, of course, Eric went all out with his chili.