Saturday, December 31, 2016


For New Years Eve we ended up at our house! Unfortunately, the Gerdts household came down with the plague basically, so we revised the plans, prepped some food, and threw a party! We had platters, bacon, and ice cream...what more do you need? We sang karaoke right up until midnight! The kids were really good and most stayed up until midnight with the exception of Gavin and Cash that fell asleep with minutes to spare...of course, the 2 and under crowd went to bed at a normal hour. Carter, Ava, Leah and Savanna wrote a song and performed it for us.  They are pretty cute cousins.  It was great to have the Bates and De Primas over for some fun. 
And just like that, it's a new year! Happy 2017! 

Friday, December 30, 2016

American Girl: LA

Camille and I have been wanting to take the girls to the American Girl store in LA since the summer. We finally made it happen over the break and they were SO excited. They each got to bring their new dolls from Christmas and get a new outfit. They were so excited about so many options and touring the store and showing Anna and Mandi every detail. Ava got her doll's ears pierced, too. Anna got her first American Girl doll and Mandi was happy with a puppy for her Wellie Wisher. We tried to eat at the Cafe but they were booked through January 2nd. Oops! We ran into Leah Douglas and her parents who were there celebrating her 8th birthday! We ended up at The Cheesecake Factory. It was Ava and Leah's first time there and they thought it was a really special treat. We had fun seeing The Grove and the Christmas decorations and fountain. We are already discussing a "next time" and loved spending the day in LA with the girls! 

Thursday, December 29, 2016

December Festivities

December is always full of fun activities.
The last days of school, both girls had school parties and Leah had a field trip down to the Canyon. 
One Sunday night we went with Meredith to look at Christmas lights and stopped by the Mission Viejo library where they had a fun Santa and lights, and remote train sets that you can control.
One night during break, the girls had a sleepover with Gram.  They always look forward to this and Cindy had a picture frame craft for them to make. 
Leah got to go to an ice skating birthday party for her friend, Ashlynn, in her school class. 
Andrew got out his Rays hat and looked so cute with it on, he even put it on backwards.  Speaking of hats, we met up with Meredith for dinner and she had this fun hat that everyone got to try on.  Eric loved it.
Camille, Meredith, and I took the kids to see the new Disney movie, Moana, at the theater which they actually really loved!  They enjoyed the music, too.
The Bates and De Primas came into town after Christmas and we got one good beach day in before the rain started.  We went to Aliso Creek Beach and even Eric got to join us that afternoon.  It was beautiful day there!
I included this picture of my mom and Grandma Ruth looking cute and Christmas festive.  It's always hard to be away from the family over the holidays.
We love getting Christmas cards.  One of my favorite parts of the holiday time.  I love seeing all of the friends and family have been apart of our lives.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day

Christmas morning came!  The girls woke up at 4:05am which is completely ridiculous!  They weren't allowed to go downstairs or come into our room until 7:30 so I don't know what they did for 3+ hour besides opening up their stockings!  Finally 7:30 came and we headed down stairs.  There were a couple of gifts unwrapped, a scooter for Andrew and a bunk bed for the girls' American Girl dolls, so right away they were excited.  We looked outside and it was a pretty cold night and there was frost all over the ground.  You would have thought that it was a white Christmas with the great response the kids had to the crunchy grass.  We enjoyed the morning of unwrapping.  We went to church for Sacrament meeting at Eric's parents ward.  Afterwards, they came over to exchange gifts and see what the girls got.  We spent the afternoon assembling and playing.  It was a great day but it is always kind of sad when it is all over.