Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween weekend!  
It was Andrew's first Halloween and it was so fun dressing him up. He was a cowboy. 


Leah was Cinderella. 


Ava was Catwoman. 


On Friday night we had our Ward Trunk or Treat. It's always fun to debut the costumes a night early and to be with friends. The girls love being on their own going from trunk to trunk while we pass out candy from our car. 

On Halloween night we had the Eisenbises, Gillies, and Bill and Cindy over for dinner before trick or treating.  We had pizza and it was fun to start the evening off with friends and family.  We love going to all of the neighbor's houses and seeing the other neighborhood kids around in the streets.  After dinner we headed to the street with the haunted house and enjoyed all of the over the top decorations around.  I love our neighborhood during the holidays!  After trick or treating, the kids stayed with Gram and Grandpa while Bryan, Camille, Eric and I went and visited another haunted house in Robinson.  This one was pretty fun and hope they make it an annual thing.

Earlier in the week we went to another haunted house in Mission Viejo.  I think we got in all of our thrills this year.  We also were Boo'd and it was fun to go boo our friend's houses too.  Ava chose Mackenzie and Leah chose Belle this year.

We also carved pumpkins!  For the first time, Ava did hers all on her own.  She did a heart with wings.  Leah drew her own face and had a little help.  Eric carved one for Andrew that was a baby's face with a pacifier in.  Fun night!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pumpkin City 2015

We love Pumpkin City! The kids look forward to visiting each year. It is always more fun to go with cousins and Gram and Grandpa, too. Anna and Leah were twinning!

This was Andrew's first year and it was cute to dress him in his pumpkin shirt and see him doing that same things that the girls have loved doing each year.  He loved the little 25 cent rides.  He held on super tight and cried when the ride ended.


We got everyone's height pictures!  It is fun to compare them to last year.

The rest of the night the kids rode rides and played carnival games.  Mandi got to drive her own tractor this year and Andrew hitched a ride with Ava.  Jeremy and Mandi got on the teacup ride!

A video of the tractors:

Andrew on the mechanical ride: 

We loved watching Andrew on those rides so much that we decided to go to the mini pumpkin patch down the road. Unfortunately it was really late and he was as excited as he was but still cute, of course!