Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Palm Springs 2015

Palm Springs weekend finally came!  We have been looking forward to this trip all summer long.  It was exciting to have new faces join our group and others coming back.  I have been super excited but also a little nervous to leave Andrew for the first time but I knew the kids were in good hands with Eric! We all hit the road.  Some flew, some drove, some both!  It was fun getting pictures texted over from the AZ group to us in CA.  Unfortunately, I had some untimely car problem...I got my oil changed and fluids topped like I should before a trip and the place ended up over filling my transmission fluid causing the extra fluid to burn off causing some engine smoke.  We ended up spending a couple of extra hours in Beaumont getting it checked out.  Thankfully the girls I was with were amazing sports and stuck it out with me and we even snuck in lunch at In-n-Out.  Finally, we were back on the road again and made it to the house!  We were so excited to hit the pool and relax after a stressful morning.  The rest of the weekend we played in the pool, ate out, had skirt sewing lessons with Dana, bike rides, using FaceTime to talk to the kids at home, watching movies and internet videos, playing games, sleeping in, and strolling through town.  It was nearly perfect.  The house was really great.  It was spacious enough and had enough bathrooms and a large enough pool.  I had fun with my roomies, Mere, Rachael and Adrian.  I love forming relationships and strengthening others with Eric's sisters and cousins.  So long Palm Springs, until next time!


While we were away, the dads did an amazing job taking care of all 41 (!!!) kids we left behind.  Eric had a great time with our kids.  He is always such a good dad and has lots of adventures.  This year was a little different with Andrew boy along for the ride but they still ended up going on a hike, seeing a movie, two soccer games, soccer photos, school, and piano lessons.   I missed all four of those faces!