Monday, August 31, 2015

First Day of School

The first day of school was a success! Leah started 1st grade and Ava started 3rd grade. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up. 

Leah had some nerves heading to school but she was brave and had a great day.  It helped having a couple of friends in her class but she was missing her besties. She is really happy to have Mrs Montoya and her own little desk with her name on it!  I love how tired little Leah's face is in this picture and this is the beginning of the day! This is her first day of her first year of all day school. She was SO tired after school but was happy!

Ava was like an old pro.  It was the first year I didn't watch her walk into class and peek through the door after class started.  I guess we are both growing up!  She joined up with her friends and off she went!  She is so happy to have Mrs Overmyer and to be with some of her best friends.

Pictures from the morning.  I will add in a couple pictures of Ava in her class when I get them from my friend.

Little Andrew and I get to spend quality time together during the day but we sure missed the girls while they were gone!

Ava put this sweet letter in Leah's lunch box so she would get it later in the day.  Cute sisters!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Weeks of Summer

The last couple of weeks of summer fun!
Spending Saturdays at different beaches. 

Goofball sisters pretending to be in a photo booth.

We love summer evenings watching America Ninja Warrior during dinner.  Especially when we see funny reactions like this one.  There are some great moments on that show.

Andrew still loves an ice cold cup.  He doesn't know what to do with himself when he gets his hands on it.

 Morning cuddles with baby boy. 

Apple picking in our own back yard!

 I love when this little guy still takes a nap in his car seat.  He is looking giant in there these days.  He got his first helicopter the other day and loves to make the propeller spin round and round.

The ward had an end of summer party at the Coto Country Club.  They had a huge slide going into the pool and a bounce house.  The kids had so much fun.  The slide was a huge hit!  

Andrew has started to do this tripod thing when we try to set him down and he doesn't want to.

He is so close to crawling.  He still finds a way to get to where he wants to go.

Andrew learned how to clap!

Back to school shopping.

Sunday cousin performance. Declan and Andrew slept through the whole thing!

We got to find out the girls teachers at a little social gathering at school.  Macady and Ava were really happy to be back together again in class this year!

We had a fabulous summer and now we are ready for school, soccer, and everything fall!

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Suman Cousins Visit

The Willards and Sumans came into town this week.  The girls have been waiting all summer for their visit.  Everyone had so much fun together.  Here is the full week's recap.  Thanks for sharing so many pictures, Dana!

We spent a lot of time at the beach!  Some of the girls had matching bathing suits and people would always comment on all of the cute twinning girls.  The ocean water has been beautiful this year.  It looks like Hawaii out there!  Ava spent her days boogie boarding.

The Beach Club!


We had the big backyard camp out with Gram! There is something magical about sleeping in tents in the safety of the back yard.  The kids have been looking forward to this all summer!  They love camp outs with Gram!  She is awesome for actually sleeping out there with them.  The girls giggled and told ghost stories until late and woke up with the sun in the morning.  Later that day, they went for a walk to get donuts. 

We celebrated my birthday and Bill's birthday!  Camille arranged a babysitter so the adults could go out to dinner.  The pizookie over candlelight was delightful.  On Bill's actual birthday Casey brought home Sprinkles cupcakes from LA.  On my birthday the kids and Eric took me to dinner, got ice cream cake and flowers.  The cute nieces and nephews made me birthday banners too!

Gram and Grandpa held the 2nd Annual Grandpa's Summer Carnival!  The grandkids love this event and even the adults got in on the fun.  We had corn dogs and twinkies and chips.  It was perfect!



We also took a family photo!  Bill is going to doctor it up to add in the Carlsons and also do some head switching.  I love the colors in the photo.  I love the cousin picture too.  Cute kids that are all BFFs.  There are 16 Suman grandkids - 5 boys and 11 girls.

We had lots of late nights of hanging out and talking and even playing charades.  Makenna and Laney were really cute with Andrew.  Laney and Andrew were practically twins. There was a lot of iPad time and the kids are all linked up on Clash of Clans.

It was a fun visit!  On Saturday they all headed back to Texas.  Miss them all already!