Thursday, July 30, 2015

Beach at Sunset

This week we went to Huntington after dinner and work so Eric could attend a Foundation Training on the sand that Brennan told him about and the girls could go boogie boarding.  We don't normally go to the beach in the evening but there was something really fun about it.  The water felt warmer and the lighting was beautiful.  The girls had fun in the water.  There were a lot of people at the beach due to the US Open of surfing happening there near the pier also.  It was fun to back in the old stomping grounds.


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Circus Xtreme

Rachel Gillie organized a group to go to the circus!  It's been a really long time since I have been to a circus and it was the kids' first time.  It was super entertaining.  We had a really fun time.  Ava kept saying, "this is insane!"  I guess she was impressed.  It was great being there with family and friends! It was really loud in the Honda Center with music and people.  Andrew was getting sad a few times so Eric held him in the back where he could get up and walk around with him if needed.  Our seats were good and it was also nice to be able to go on the floor before the show started to see things up close. Highlights for our family were the tight rope walkers, trampolinists, elephants, tigers, poodles, pendulum man, and the girl being shot from the cannon. 

Monday, July 27, 2015


And we went to Florida! We had a rocky start with delayed planes and didn't arrive to my parent's house until 4:30am! The kids were wonderful on the plane and were good sports about how long our journey took us. We were happy to finally be there and lay down for bed. We took it easy the first few days. We swam and played in the spa and just relaxed with my parents and Grandma Ruth. It was so fun to see them again!  The weather was hot and humid and raining.  Definitely a change of scenery.  It was great to visit with family and see the kids interact with them.  Cute little Andrew stole the show, of course.  He smiled at everyone and loved the attention.  He loved trying to steal Grandma's glasses.

On Tuesday we headed to Winter Haven to spend a few nights and went to Legoland for two days!  The girls were super excited about this adventure and Legoland didn't disappoint!  They loved the park and all of the roller coasters.  We loved the little details of the legos and walking around Miniland where there were cities built.  It was really impressive!  Grandma and Papa went on some rides but mostly helped out with Andrew which was amazing.  It was nice to have him so well taken care of while we were having fun with the girls. 


On Saturday we visited with more family.  Uncle Tom and Aunt Maureen came over!  It was fun to see them and visit for a couple of hours.  She walked in with her tie dye Disney shirt so my mom put on her tie dye shirt from their 60s concert! Afterward we headed down to Scott and Holly's new house.  We went to Zim Zari's for dinner and Cold Stone for dessert.  We headed to the park for a little bit until the lightening started.  The girls always have a blast together!

We went to a Tampa Bay Rays game.  It's always fun to go to a baseball game especially when it is Christmas in July!  They made it snow in the foyer and game out these fun crazy hair hats and sunglasses.  The girls were loving it.  They even made it onto the big screen!  That was an exciting moment for them!

I wish I could say the flight home was uneventful but we ended up getting in an hour late and Ava had an earache and ended up throwing up multiple times.  It was really sad.  Everyone else made it through the trip really well.  I am so pleased at what good travelers our little ones are. I even found this Coke in the airport so I had to get it!  It's always sad when the vacation comes to an end.  It's hard to say goodbye.  Thanks for a great trip, Novaks!