Saturday, June 27, 2015

Andrew: Swinging

Andrew went in the swing for the first time! We got this baby swing today and he seemed to like it. It was cute to see all three kids out there playing together. 

More fun in June!

One day this week I was walking home from picking up Ava from school and from a distance I could see my friend, Rachel Gillie, wearing the exact same shirt as me pushing her baby in the stroller. We were perfect twinners! So funny.  The best part is the next day I was matching Dani!

The Millers were in town.  Look at this cute table of cousins!  

Playing with the neighbors!  The girls love playing Shopkins together and going in the to the pool/hot tub.  We have a great neighborhood!

We had a break through with Leah and her school wardrobe this year.  She has always only wanted to wear dresses and flats to school.  But finally she has come around to real play clothes!  She now loves to wear shorts and sneakers!  She looked so cute walking out the door to school one morning, I had to take a picture.  There is a first for everything!

Beach Fun.  Strands beach with the Eisenbises, Millers, Gerdts and Sumans.  The girls love riding on the funicular and boogie boarding.  They are getting really good at boogie boarding!  Leah had Chloe be her teacher!  Andrew put his feet in the water, it was freezing so he didn't love it and took a nice nap afterward.  When we were done playing at the beach, the whole crew went to Chili's for dinner.  Super fun day!


The next Saturday we went to Huntington Beach with the Eisenbises before Lucas' birthday party.  Mandi, Leah and Anna buried Ava!

After school on one of the last days, we went to the pool with Eric.  On the walk home we saw that someone hung a swing from the tree in the park.  Everyone had fun taking a turn.


The Eisenbise/Suman cousins being goofy after Sunday dinner!

Little Andrew and his sweaty nose.  So cute!

Building a eucalyptus limb fort in the back yard with dad on a Saturday morning.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Leah is 6!!

Leah turned 6 years old! She is such a fun little girl! She is full of spunk and sweetness. We love her kisses and her singing! Leah wanted to have all of her girlfriends to Pump It Up! This is always such a great way to celebrate birthdays. The kids love it! We had so much fun bouncing, sliding, and eating! Leah has a great group of girls! Lucas and Andrew were the only boys there. Andrew ended up falling asleep in Gram's lap after going down the baby slide. Lucas held his own with the big girls! We were all impressed. Leah was off doing her own thing and she enjoyed every minute of her party! The kids seems to LOVE their goody bags with a Shopkins 2-pack basket.  So fun!  Enjoy the slew of photos from the party.


 When we got home from Pump It Up, Leah had the neighbors come over and watch her open gifts and cards.  Leah's friends and family were really generous.  She was in heaven!


On the actual day of Leah's birthday we headed to Toys R Us.  She had a gift card and she was dying to see if there were any Season 3 Shopkins and she walked into a goldmine!

We went to the Beach Club with the Eisenbises and friends from her ward.  We spent all afternoon there and the kids were happy and it was lovely.  Later that night we met up with Eisenbises, Gram and Grandpa, and Eric for dinner at In-n-Out and then went to the movies to see Inside Out.  Everyone loved it!  It was a really good movie. 

 When we got home from the movies we had Leah open her gifts from our little family.

Some of the little details from the party. 

Happy Birthday, Leah Beah! We love you!