Saturday, May 30, 2015

Leah: Ears Pierced

We went to the Mission Mall because Leah got her ears pierced!  After seeing Ava and some of her friends get theirs pierced she decided she was ready.  She wasn't nervous at all until she got there.  I was really proud of her though, she didn't cry.  She was very brave.  They pierced both ears at the same time.  Right afterward she was all smiles again!  She got pink rhinestone butterflies which is a perfect fit for our little girly girl.  Ava was really cute.  She got nervous for Leah and was really really proud of her when she was done. Fun day for Leah!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Robinson Variety Show

Last night was the Variety Show at Robinson Elementary.  The girls decided to sing, "Sisters" from the movie White Christmas.  They spent a lot of time learning the words and helping come up with ideas for their choreography.  They auditioned in front of PTA members and other students.  They had to stay after school for 2 hours every Wednesday in May for rehearsal.  They really committed to doing it and they were so cute up there performing for the parents, teachers, PTA, and their peers.  I love that they are fearless and are comfortable on stage.  Even the principal, Mr. Kaplan got involved and performed. It was a great night!

Camille, Anna, Mandi, and Gram came to watch the girls with us.  We also saw numerous friends there too.  Thanks for supporting!

Thanks to Camille we have a partial video.  Somehow between taking pictures and shuffling Andrew, neither of us took a video!  So thankfully we have this!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Idaho Trip: Brinton's Homecoming

Brinton arrived safely home from his mission from Tacloban, Philippines! We were excited to head up to Pocatello to visit with the whole Carlson family!  We started our trip on Thursday after school.  On our way we made a pit stop in Zzyzx.  It was actually way more interesting than I thought it would be and it was worth the extra time that we took. Eric wanted to really document it so there is a separate post about it.  We saw some beautiful skylines and sunsets along the way!  We also had multiple rain storms - we wish some of that rain would head to California!

We drove to Mesquite, AZ and spent the night at the Casablanca.  The girls were so excited to be in a hotel.  They loved everything they saw.  We went down to the pool to check it out and they couldn't wait until the morning to go swimming.  They loved the waterfall and especially the water slide!

That afternoon we continued our drive north to Bill and Kayla's house.  We only spent one night with them but it was great to catch up with them the kids were excited to play together. Bill grilled some delicious burgers for dinner.  We enjoyed our night with them!

The next day we headed to Pocatello.  We went straight to the Carlson's house.  We met up with Dana, Mark, Camille, and Eric's parents there.  It was really great to see Brinton again!  He looks great!  It was also an exciting week for the other Carlson kids - Liesl graduated from High School, Lauren from 8th grade and Dane from Elementary.  An exciting week!  Dennis showed the girls the way around their chicken coop and Ava and Leah each collected some eggs.  He then took the time to teach them how to cook an egg to their liking - Ava scrambled and Leah boiled.  They got to eat the eggs they just collected!  Pretty cool.

We all had a pizza dinner at the hotel and found the perfect table for the whole family.  The hotel had a perfect view of Portneuf Medical Center where Dennis works.  We got to visit a lot with Brinton and hear more about his mission. It was pretty incredible to hear all of Brinton's stories from his mission and especially about the typhoon.  We were all so affected during those days he was missing and it was good to hear straight from him what his experiences were while we were all at home worrying and checking texts and emails for updates.

Saturday night Eric, Mark, and Bill went to see Mad Max while Camille, Dana, the girls and me had frozen yogurt and girl talk time.

On Sunday, we had breakfast at the hotel and then we attended the Carlson's Sacrament meeting and heard Brinton's homecoming talk.  The whole time he was speaking I kept thinking about how grown up he had become.  He is a man!  He did a great job speaking and was very confident and gave a sweet testimony in Cebuano.  We went back to the Carlson's house for a luncheon.  

Later that night Dana, Camille, Mark and Eric's parents left to SLC.  We went back to the hotel and took all of the kids swimming and had Cafe Rio for dinner. Andrew always looked so cozy sleeping in the big, plush hotel beds.


The next morning we started our drive towards home.  We stopped for lunch and also got to stop and see a fun little petting zoo/farm right off the freeway in Fillmore.  It was a random place to have a petting zoo but the kids loved all of the animals - emus, goats, peacocks, chickens, sheep, llamas, etc.


We stopped for the night in St. George.  From the hotel we could see the Dixie up on the rocks and we all wanted to explore.  The hotel people told us how to get up to the Dixie rocks and we took the girls to climb up on the red rocks.  They loved it!  They were experts!  I wore Andrew in the bjorn and was happy to keep up in my flip flops.  It was really, really gorgeous up there. 

 Later that night we went night swimming in the indoor pool, had dinner at the Pizza Factory, and got Iceberg shakes, which were almost as big as the kids' heads!

The next morning the girls swam and then we were on the road again.  This time we finally headed home!  We made a pit stop at the Alien Jerky place in Baker.

When we got home we were excited to get back into our own house and beds.  We got Andrew out of the car seat inside, he took one look around and started to cry.  I really think he was overwhelmed with happiness to be home.  Tears of joy!