Wednesday, April 29, 2015

OCMCO: Deliver Us

Eric, Ava, and Leah all performed in the OCMCO spring concert, Deliver Us (Elijah oratorio by Mendelssohn). Concert day is always long. The girls had to be there at 3:30 and we got home at 10:30, this was after a full day of school and on a school night. Eric was there even longer! Anyways, Cindy and Camille went to the 5pm show and then met up with me and Camille took Andrew home while I went to the 8pm show. Thanks so much!!! I am glad I was able to leave Andrew in good hands so I could enjoy the show. The girls did awesome! My seat was ultra perfect. I was able to see both of them up close, take some spy pics and they could even see me. I enjoyed watching Eric up there also, you can always spot him swaying to the music. This time they even had shawls as costumes. The choirs and orchestra are always amazing!  Great job!


Sunday, April 26, 2015

AZ: Savanna's Baptism

This weekend we made a quick trip to Arizona for Savanna's baptism! The drive there was decent but we had to make a few stops and hit some traffic so it just seemed to take forever! Leah had a couple of freak out moments acting like she thought she would never get out of the car again! Ha! Andrew was a wonderful traveler and we hardly heard a peep out of him.  We got in town just in time to meet up with everyone at Discovery Park for pizza and cousin play time.  We stayed with Kam at her house and it was nice to spend a little extra time with the Millers.  Gerrit took the girls to watch Chloe and Ellie's soccer game on Saturday morning.  Then it was off to the baptism.  It was a lovely morning.  Savanna looked pretty and it was such a nice program.  We were happy to be there!  Afterward the Bates hosted a BBQ for lunch.  That evening, Rachael got a babysitter for our 10 kids (not including Andrew) and we went out for a date night at their favorite Mexican restaurant and then to Frost's for gelato.  Yum!  On our drive home the next day we stopped off in Palm Springs and ate lunch at Sherman's Deli and the girls got shakes at Great Shakes.  We also stopped to visit the dinosaurs in Cabazon!  It was a fun adventure on the way home.  Thanks for a fun weekend Bates and Millers!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Leah: Star of the Week

Leah got to be Star of the Week in her Kindergarten class this week.  She got to present two posters, her favorite book (early reader Lalaloopsy: School Days), a favorite collection (Shopkins), and be the class leader all week. She loved it!  One of my favorite parts of Kindergarten is reading the Star of the Week book that the kids make.  Their compliments are always fun to read and their pictures are perfect!  Love it!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ava: Piano Recital

Ava and Jeremy had their spring piano recital. They have worked hard at their songs and both did a great job! After practicing her introduction to her piece so many times, Ava realized that she had it memorized and was able to deliver it really well at the podium.  She was also recognized for moving up to level 3 since the last recital.  I took a video of Ava's performance.  Thanks to Eric's parents, Eisenbises, and Meredith for coming to support!


The girls ran at the jog-a-thon at the elementary school! Eric was off of work and got to come watch them run with me and Andrew. They loved having dad at their school event.

Ava was the red team and ran first. She ran 11 (1/4 mile) laps. 

Leah's class color was green!  The room moms wanted all of the girls to wear tutus so we made some.  They looked so cute and funny running in their ballerina skirts!  Leah ran hard and did 12 (1/4 mile) laps!

I was proud of these two little runners today!

Eric was proud to be an American today.  Ha!