Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Andrew in March

Andrew pictures from the month of March! We all love this little guy. 
 I love Andrew in a hat!

I love when he falls asleep holding onto my arm or hand.  Such a sweetie.

We put together the exersaucer and he loves standing up in there and plays with all of the toys.  I love seeing his chubby legs underneath.

One Sunday, Eric and Andrew were twins after church!

Eric and I got to go on a day date with Andrew.  We tried out Blaze Pizza for lunch while Eric was on his lunch break from work.  It's always fun to see Eric in the daylight during busy season.

I brought Andrew to school to help with Ava's class play rehearsal and all of the kids flocked to him.  They all love Andrew too!

He sits up on his own for a few seconds and can even balance on his feet for a second or two. He has been squirming more and rolling over a little more too. 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Crazy Hair and Sock Day

The girls love participating in these fun days at school. I love when they are getting along like this! 
Crazy hair and sock day!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ava: Little Red Riding Hood

 Ava got to participate in her class play, Little Red Riding Hood - a 50s musical version.  The kids have been practicing hard and for a long time.  The students got to decide on which parts to try out for and they auditioned for their teacher and in front of the other classmates.  Ava decided to try for Little Red!  A lot of the kids did a great job, including Ava, so Mrs Poettgen decided to create two full casts and have them each do 2 shows.  It was fun to see Ava perform as Little Red and in the chorus.  As Little Red she had a solo, speaking parts, and had to act it out, of course.  She did an awesome job!  We really loved watching her perform. Leah, Andrew and I got to go to all four performances.  Eric got to come to two shows which was pretty awesome considering the time of the year.  Cindy, Bill, Karen, Camille, Anna and Mandi came to see her too! Ava loved performing!  I hope she gets more chances like this in the future.
Ava as the "lovely Little Red"!


Ava in the "classy chorus"!  She also had a little dance number in the middle.  She got to dance with a boy (Matthew Rodriguez)!  Too cute.

Pictures with family after the shows!

Pictures with friends after the shows!

Videos from the play:

Video of Ava Singing as Little Red:

Video of Ava in the Woods with Wolf:

Video of Ava with Wolf/Granny:

Video of Ending Song:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spike Update

Spike keeps getting moved down in the list of priorities. First we got fish, and then a baby! Poor guy. He tried to stake his claim again on a cozy baby spot, I found him in the bouncer seat today. 

Other ways he is coping is by making new friends. This is Winter/Gerald. He is either lost or stray but has an adopted family on the street behind us.  Even though he is being taken care of, he still loves to invite himself into our house. He and Spike are cute buddies. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

The Leprechauns came to visit again this year. They left yummy treats. The kids enjoyed wearing green to school. No one was pinched, not even Andrew! Ava had a Big Buddy Green Picnic at the park during school. Leah made a Leperchaun at school and wrote why she is lucky.  It said, "I am lucky because my family means a lot to me."  So sweet.  After school we met up with the Bates, Eisenbises, and Gillies at the movies and saw Cinderella, which we all loved! Then we had NY's Upper Crust for dinner. Such a great day! 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Andrew: 4 Months

Andrew turned 4 months old! He went into see Dr. Conti and he is continuing to grow well! He is 15 lbs 8.7 oz (avg) and 25 1/2 inches long (70th %). He still has a pretty big head (90%) but I am hoping he will even out as time goes on. :)  We celebrated with 4 immunizations and a trip to the beach with the Bates!  Andrew has rolled over a couple of times on his own but seems more interested in trying to sit up rather than roll.  He also loves to arch his back and kick when laying down to see behind him.  He can kind of wiggle his way around on his back too.  Happiest baby around and always content.  He loves to smile at whoever passes through his view.  He likes naps in his car seat and swing and loves to play on his mat with his toys.  We love you baby boy!