Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year's Eve

We had a different New Year's Eve this year without family in town.  We went to the New Year's Eve party in RSM and had a fun time seeing friends there.  There were a bunch of inflatables, carnival rides, magician, crafts, etc.  We had fun but it was chilly this year!  Afterward we went to dinner at BJs and then home to make beds in the family and watch Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure with the girls.  Everyone fell asleep but Ava.  She woke us up right before midnight and we watched the ball drop.  Happy 2016!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Old Picture Post

Random picture post! A lot of these pictures are from back in October but I wanted to include them in the book so here we go.

Leah and Andrew crawling around the park during OCMCO rehearsals (October 21).  I love how the girls take time to play with the baby boy.

Lunch with a Loved One at Robinson Elementary for Book Fair Week (October 22).

Andrew and Mandi sharing a toy at Gram's house.  One day they will be little buddies!

Leah and Andrew at school one morning.  We ended up being late because I locked my keys in the car!  Luckily the sliding glass door wasn't locked to the house so I could get in and get the old umbrella stroller.  And, luckily, we live close enough to school to walk!  Thanks to AAA for coming to my rescue later that morning.  Andrew is always standing up in his crib now.  It's cute to see how much he is growing and learning (October 28).

Leah has been having a hard time going to school.  She cries when I leave and doesn't want to say goodbye.  She says she misses me too much at school.  It is heartbreaking.  Finally she had a break through after Thanksgiving but this note was kind of heartbreaking.  Love that little one.

These days you can't open the sliding door with Andrew bolting out back, crawling as fast as he can to the swing set.  He loves his swing and being outside (October 29).  

Leah is a funny girl. One evening at soccer practice I turned around to see her kicking back in Andrew's stroller having a drink.  Make yourself comfortable! (October 29)

Leah's 1st class at Robinson Elementary, having Stone Soup. I love being able to visit the girls at school on their special days. (November 18)

And just a funny picture of Andrew showing a little bum crack.  Haha!  Sorry future Andrew! (November 19)

Andrew started crawling up the stairs.  He is so proud of himself!  He also has found anything that slides on the tile very helpful in his walking practice.  I wish he would just walk without assistance!
 (December 2)

Andrew found some water in the wagon out back.  He was just so happy splashing around getting soaked.  (December 17)

Andrew keeps up on our toes!  I haven't ever had to baby proof as much as I have had to with Andy boy.  He likes to dump things out, play in the toilet, unload the dishwasher, dig in the trash can, etc.  But this day I walked into the kitchen to find him inside the oven drawer!  Yikes.  Not a good place to play.  Time for another baby lock!  (December 26)

Our girls and the Eisenbise girls had a fun sleepover at Gram's house. They made snow globes and watched movies. Thanks Gram! Andrew and Jeremy were matching that night too!  (December 27)

A multi-chip at Chili's that was pretty epic! 

Friday, December 25, 2015


Christmas morning came! Everyone was excited about their gifts and it was fun opening and then playing all morning long.

Meredith, Bill and Cindy came over to exchange gifts and visit.  Meredith brought Paws Cove over, her little chihuahua. It was fun to have her running around our house and backyard. 

We went to lunch and then to see Star Wars!  Even Andrew came.  We really enjoyed the movie and had a fun, fun Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

For Christmas Eve we skipped tradition and went bowling!  The girls loved it!

Afterward we went back to the Sumans' house and had pizza and a nice program.  The girls played piano songs.  The kids decorated sugar cookies for Santa and then opened their Christmas Eve gifts...pajamas!

At home we prepped for Santa's arrival and tried to get some sleep before the big morning.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Holiday Fun

We went to Follow the Star.  The girls got to help decorate the tree in the program.  It was chilly and poured down rain.  Jarond Suman was in town and it was fun to see him there.  We also go to see Kam and her girls.  It's always such a great night.  Bill was a his usual wise man, Jeremy got to be Joseph, and Meredith was the angel.

We went to watch Anna's Singer's Company performance at a local church.  I loved watching Anna up on stage.  She has the sweetest smile and seemed really happy to have family there.

Ava's 3rd grade class went to the game room and hung out with their Special Ed buddies.  The class gave Mrs Overmyer her gift.

Ava got invited over to Mackenzie's house for an afternoon of Christmas crafts with friends.

Leah's class had a holiday party too!  They decorated cookies and had fun with their friends.

Leah went to an ice skating birthday party for Marlise.  Ava got to stay and skate too.  They loved it!  Marlise looked adorable in her skating outfit.  This was such a great group of girls.  Leah is a lucky friend.