Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve started out with a bang with the fallen snow. The Gerdts hosted a kid party at their house. They had fun going station to station playing games and making crafts. The kids loved the pizza, nuggets, chips, and ice cream for dinner! Thanks for a fun party! 

Over at the Suman's house we rang in New Year by playing games and eating meatballs, cream puffs, and mozzarella sticks!  Yum!  It was fun having the Novaks there too!

Happy 2015!!

Snow Day

The weather turned really cold for California. Low 50s in the day and 30 at night, windy too. Brrr! We are not used to that! One night we were sitting around watching TV late and I saw something on Facebook from a friend up the street saying that it was snowing! What?! We went outside to check it out and sure enough there were snow flurries in the air. We couldn't believe it. We even tried to wake up the girls but they were sleeping deep. The next morning we told them all about it. Eric left for work and then a few minutes later he called to say that there was snow all over Saddleback Mountain and he decided to drive up Robinson Ranch Rd to check it out. He was freaking out because just a mile up the road there was snow everywhere! On the street, on the cars, on the grass, on the mountainside, on the palm trees, etc. He headed home and picked us up and all went up there to play and discover the snow. It was incredible to see snow in our little neighborhood. The girls were so excited. Such a fun day! 

There was not any snow in our back yard but the wind was crazy and blew our trampoline over and was against the fence.  It looked pretty bad.  Bill went out and collected the pieces and set it back up.  Thankfully it was pretty much unharmed and works just fine.  So glad it wasn't broken!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Cards

 I love receiving (and sending) Christmas cards. We all enjoying seeing family photos and reading up on the year's events for our friends and family.  Thank you!


Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

Christmas morning didn't start too early for our kids. Luckily their stockings kept them entertained until they were able to come in our room at 7:30. We headed downstairs and the girls were so happy to see all of the gifts and Santa got them exactly what they wanted. Grandma and Papa sent gifts too and everyone had something to open up. It was so fun to see how happy the kids were. 

After we were done opening gifts and putting toys together, Bill, Cindy and Meredith came over to hang out.  We opened more gifts from Meredith and the Carlsons which we loved!  We headed over to the Eisenbises and gave Bill and Cindy their gift from our two families.  It was fun to watch them open their boring gifts of money because Camille was so clever with her gift wrapping.  Bill's money was in the mini suit coat (he wants a new suit) and Cindy's was frozen in ice (she wants a new freezer).

The whole gang went to Del Taco for lunch.

That evening we had a nice dinner with everyone at the Gerdts house.  The Bates and De Primas got to meet Andrew, their new baby cousin!  It was such a great Christmas Day.