Friday, November 28, 2014

Post Thanksgiving Beach Day

The day after Thanksgiving we headed to the beach with the whole family. It was Andrew's first beach trip! We went to Shaw's Cove. The kids explored the tide pools and played in the water and sand. Jeremy and Bryan went snorkeling. Ava went boogie boarding too. It was such a beautiful warm day. It was hard to believe that it was November 28.  Thanks for sharing pictures everyone!


Thursday, November 27, 2014


On Thanksgiving day we enjoyed a quiet morning at home.  In the afternoon we met up with Bill, Cindy, Meredith and Karen at the movies and saw Big Hero 6 which we really enjoyed.  Later that evening we went to the Suman's house and had a non-traditional dinner.  We had steaks and potatoes and pies.  It was delicious!  Gram was super nice and played games with the girls.  It was a small group this year!  It was a nice and relaxing day.  Thanks Bill and Cindy!

Lucy sent this adorable letter to Ava and I had to document that here.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Suman Siblings

I love these Suman kids and our new family. Ava and Leah are good big sisters. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Life at Home

We arrived home from the hospital and real life started to sink in but it was good and happy. I was glad to be in my own space and have the whole family under the same roof again.  The girls were excited to hold the baby whenever they wanted.   Andrew is a really good baby.


Meredith came over the first night and met her newest little nephew. We have had gifts come in the mail and dropped off from friends and family. We have had dinners delivered from our ward friends. Bill and Cindy have helped watch and entertain the girls for us. Eric brought me breakfast in bed for multiple days and helped with cooking, cleaning, and diaper duty. Mostly he has entertained and referred the girls so life can be peaceful at home. We have watched movies and played card games and gone on short outings together. Eric took off the whole week from work. It has been dreamy!

Baby Andrew had his first outing and went to the doctor on Tuesday and we found out that he did have jaundice and it was necessary to put him under the lights.  He was issued a bili-blanket for phototherapy.  The pad was plugged into the wall and he we were kind of just stuck here at the house for a few days.  It was actually nice to have to be at home because I would have been really tempted to go out. It was hard to have him plugged in 24/7.  It wasn't as easy to hold him, change him, and feed him but we did what we needed to do.  The second day the nurse pricked his heel and his levels did not improve but the next day they went down and we were able to stop using the blanket.  We were so grateful that he was healthy and that we could go back to a more normal life.

After jaundice we ventured out to lunch.  The girls wanted to take turns pushing the stroller. 

On Sunday we went to Bill and Cindy's house for dinner.  Anna got to hold him.  Kam and her girls were in town for the weekend and got to meet him too.  

We have just enjoyed looking at him and snuggling with him and holding him.  His little face is so cute.  We love him.

The girls are really cute with him.

Eric has been such a fun dad for the girls.  He has played countless games with them.  He has taken them to and from school.  They have done gardening work together, ran errands together, and he even made them a jungle fort.  Having him around has made this transition easier on the whole family.

It has been a great first week.