Monday, September 29, 2014

School Pictures

2014-2015 Robinson Elementary School Pictures

Ava's 2nd Grade Class: 

Leah's Kindergarten Class: 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soccer Saturday

Saturday is always full of soccer! This week was Eric's first time reffing! He was looking good in his uniform and did a good job keeping the girls on track. He only has to ref a couple of times but he is anxious to get it over with. The girls loved watching him run around on the field and be apart of the action! Ava's team hasn't won a game yet but I do see improvement each week.  They really held their own during this game.  We were all proud of them especially since their coach wasn't there.  It's always fun to see friends too! 

Leah's game.  She always looks forward to soccer day and really is a go-getter out on the field.  She gets to bring the snack this week and she is acting like it's her birthday.  I like her enthusiasm.  I love watching Ava and Leah cheer for each other at every game.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

First Day of Soccer!

 On Saturday the girls had their first day of soccer.  The week before was officially the opening day but it was so hot (over 100 degrees and a fire on the mountain) that their coaches cancelled the games.  Being so pregnant, I wasn't complaining!  This week the weather was much better.  Leah was excited to get out there and start with her team, the Blue Dolphins.  She did awesome in her first game and scored 2 goals!  I love the picture of her scoring and seeing Ava and her friend, Grace, cheering for her too!  So cute.  Gram and Grandpa made it to Leah's game this week too.  Thanks for coming to support.  

As well as games for both girls, it was also picture day!  We were busy.  I got to Ava's game late and didn't get pictures.  Next week, especially since Eric is reffing.  Ava's team is called the Pirates.

We are excited for a fun season!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Camille's 40th!

Happy 40th Camille! We finally got to celebrate. Bryan made smoothies and Cindy made a delicious chocolate cake. 

There were some shenanigans.

And a really cute poster made by Bill!

And some good family time!  

We all love sweet Camille!  Happy Birthday!

Thursday, September 04, 2014

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school!  Leah started Kindergarten! Yesterday we went to the park and met the teachers and played with the other Kindergarteners. We found out that her teacher assigned was Mrs Keller! We couldn't be more excited to have another Kindergarten experience with her. She is the best! It was fun to be reunited with old friends too. This morning it was cute to see Leah be excited and nervous for her first day.  She wanted curly pig tails in her hair.  I just love that she is still my sweet little one.

Kindergarten schedule was a little different today.  The Early Birds and Late Birds were together the whole time which meant lots of parents and lots of kids in their classroom.  We met up with some friends along the way and took pictures.  Leah, Sophie, and Bria are friends from preschool last year.  I love this little trio and I love that they wanted to have this little photo shoot together.  Also in Leah's class are her two buddies from church, Eli and Lincoln.  Leah found her spot in class and was very happy to see Mrs Keller.  There were no tears from this little lady.  When I looked back to say goodbye, she happily chatting with her new friend, Anabelle.


Last evening there was a social gathering at the school for the class lists to be posted.  

Ava was super excited to see who would be her teacher and even more excited to see what friends would be in her class.  We had a hunch that she would get Mrs Poettgen and she did!  This morning, Ava knew exactly what she wanted to wear and how she wanted her hair and even put on lip gloss.  She was nervous and didn't want to eat breakfast. 

Ava was happy to see that her friend Shea would be in class with her too.  Shea and Ava have been together all three years of elementary school!  Tommy Acker is also in her class.  Tommy and Ava went to two years of preschool and Kindergarten together.  I love that she will know these kids forever.  Mrs Acker "made" them take a picture together for posterity.  It was awkward.  Haha! Once she found her desk at school and saw all of the familiar faces, she settled right in.


Both girls were super tired when they got home and wanted to just "veg".  They seemed to have great days with no problems.  Mrs Keller sent this note with treats home to each of the Kindergarteners.  How can you not just love her?

Here's to a few hours of me time until baby comes!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Labor Day in Big Bear

The Eisenbises invited us up to Big Bear over Labor Day weekend. The girls were really excited to back to Big Bear but were disappointed when we mentioned that there would not be snow. Ha! We spent Saturday and Sunday there playing on the lake, riding the jet ski, sailing with Bryan on the catamaran, kayaking, playing in the mud, fishing for catfish, etc. Everyone had such a good time. The weather was beautiful and it was so relaxing there.  It was a lot of fun to all be together on Saturday with Meredith and Bill and Cindy too.  Ava and Leah loved the jet ski and now want to ask Santa for one.  Haha!  Ava did really great on her own kayak and even took the little girls out for rides.  It was cute to see them maneuvering it out on their own.  Thanks to the Eisenbises for sharing their cabin with us!  We had a great weekend!