Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Palm Springs 2014

Finally it was time for a little mom time in Palm Springs! We booked a fun Room Service house called The Park and decided to stay an extra night since last year just was too short.  I am so glad we did! Dana did an awesome job taking pics and setting the scene.  Thanks so much for sharing your pictures.   It was just 6 of us this year and our three bedroom house was a perfect size.  We paired up and picked rooms.  The yellow, black and white decor was pretty fun and glam.  We got lunch and went grocery shopping and then blew up all of our rafts and started relaxing in the pool.

After having a fun first day at the house, we went to the movies in the evening and got back pretty late.  When we were just hanging out late that evening chatting we saw a few cockroaches!!  After appropriately freaking out, like girls would, we decided we didn't want to stay at this house any more and wasn't sure we could even sleep that night.  We ended up getting a full refund from the store and booked a new house the next morning from Vacation Palm Springs.  We ended up having a great experience in the new house!  I am so glad we switched house.  This newer house felt much cleaner and well kept.  We switched color schemes to teal and orange.

At the new house were able to kick back and finally relax in the pool.  We talked, listened to music and we were even able to close our eyes and not worry about kids or anything besides where to eat next.  It was pretty dreamy!

Speaking of food, we hit up our favorites like Sherman's Deli and Bill's Pizza.  We made reservations for Las Casuelas Terraza since we weren't able to get in last year and had fun sitting outside and listening to the band play.  Some of the girls even got up and danced!  We tried out Great Shakes.  I loved the presentation with the little donut on the straw and interesting flavors!  Such a cute place. 

We took the Palm Springs Aerial Tram up to the top!  It ascends over 2000 feet and rotates while moving.  It's actually pretty amazing.  It's 30 degrees cooler up there and felt so refreshing and smelled like pine trees.  We did a little nature hike and took in the view.  It was gorgeous, you could say it took our breath away.  :)

Our drive home was uneventful and smooth.  I love that it's only an hour and a half away.  When we got back, we were greeted by Gram with Dana and Camille's little girls.  All of the kids were excited to see their moms.  We will miss our house and all the fun times here! Such a fun vacation, girls! Can't wait until next year!

Thanks to all of the Dads and Cindy for taking great care of the kiddos while we were gone!