Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby Fish

While we were gone, Eric's dad took great care of our garden and pets.  Spike was waiting for us on our roof when we got home and then while looking at the fish we noticed something new.  One of the fish had two babies while we were gone!  They are orange and very small.  They look a lot like Leah's fish, Speedy, but we'll see how they look when they grow up.  Here is a picture of one.


Our summer vacation continues...
From Austin we flew straight into Orlando. We headed over to our hotel and met up with my mom and dad! The girls were really excited to stay at a hotel! We stayed up way too late visiting and had an early morning heading to Sea World for the day.  My parents got us all VIP passes including front of the line rides, all you can eat, reserved seating for the shows, and feeding seals, stingrays and dolphins!  It worked out perfectly.  We weren't rushed and had a great time seeing all of the exhibits.  It was a super hot day in FL and I don't know if I stopped sweating except for in the penguin exhibit where it was 32 degrees!  We had a great day.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


We spent the next day at the hotel and playing at the water park for 5 hours.  The girls (and Eric) had such a great time on all of the water slides and swimming.  It was a fun time!

Once back at my parents house we had a great time playing in the pool and just relaxing.  The girls were in the pool multiple times of the day and when they were lucky, Dad threw them all around.  They used Papa's waterproof camera too and got to take silly pictures and videos.


Uncle Tom and Aunt Maureen came to visit one afternoon.  They just got a new puppy, Josh.  He was pretty cute and even jumped in the pool.

On Sunday afternoon, Scott, Holly and the girls came to visit.  The cousins picked right up and were laughing and playing together the whole time.  It seemed like Leah paired up with Katie and Ava paired up with Emma.  They were pretty cute together and swam for a long time. 

We went to Weeki Wachee for the day and watched the mermaid show.  The girls were pretty small last time we were there so it was like the first time for them.  We enjoyed the boat ride along the spring water river and then went over to the water park area.  The girls loved the slides and the chilly 74 degree water.  We rented a tube and floated around the lagoon.  It was a really fun afternoon.

We took a quick trip to Twistee Treat.  The cones were melting faster than we could eat them!  It's hot in Florida!

We went to Glow Golfing!  Ava got her ball in the prize hole at the end and won a free admission.

We went down to Sand Key Beach on our last full day in town.  The girls loved collecting shells and we went out in the waves. 

The next day the girls had more pool time and we went out for lunch before heading to the airport.  It rained almost everyday that we were there which we enjoyed since it hardly rains here.  We had a great trip to Florida and enjoyed all of the fun times we had with my family there.  Thanks for a great vacation, Mom and Dad!