Sunday, June 29, 2014

Celebrating Leah

At Suman Sunday dinner we celebrated Leah turning 5!  Adrian, Ryan, and baby Oliver were here too!  Leah loved getting sang to and blowing out her candles.  5 years old has been good so far.

We love living near family and especially these cute Eisenbise cousins.

Thanks for the nice gifts and making it extra special for Leah.  Happy Birthday, Leah!  We love you.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Leah's 5th Birthday!

Leah is 5!  Leah had a countdown paper chain for the past couple of weeks.  She reported everyday how many days left until her birthday.  She was so excited to be 5!  We sang and had candles at breakfast and opened a couple of gifts.

Later we picked Eric up from work and headed up to LA.  We went to The Grove.  Leah was so excited to go to the American Girl store and get her very first doll.  After searching the whole store she decided on Caroline, one if the historical girls.  Both girls loved the whole experience!  Ava brought Kit and got to pick out a new outfit for her too. 


Once we were done there we ate lunch at the Farmer's Market. We also saw Malificent at the theater there which they both loved. Leah wanted a full on photo shoot with Ava and the with the dolls. So we spent some time taking pictures and being silly around the fountains.  Here is the overkill of photos.


We ended the night with ice cream. Happy Birthday, Leah! We had a great day celebrating with you!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ava's Last Day of First Grade

The last day for Ava finally came! It seems like we were last in the nation. Ava was sad for school to end. She is going to miss Mrs. Montoya and her friends this summer. She got a few awards. I am so proud of Ava and all that she has accomplished this year in school! She does so well and I am glad she gets rewarded for it.  She ended the year with "straight A's" this trimester.  She is onto 2nd grade!  Happy summer!

We celebrated the end of school at Souplantation with Meredith and then to the Gillies' house for an outdoor movie with a bunch of friends! So much fun. I am so glad it is summer!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Jeremy's 6th Grade Graduation

Jeremy graduated from Melinda Heights Elementary School today. He is onto RSM Intermediate for 7th Grade. Congrats, Jeremy! We're all proud of you.

Congrats, Jer!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Leah's Last Day of Preschool

Leah had her last day of Preschool...forever! It has been so fun being in class for two years with some of the same kids, some of which will be starting Kindergarten with Leah in the fall. Leah was the last Super Helper of the year. She was so excited! They were also celebrating Leah's birthday and she brought in cupcakes. They made Friendship Wagons and gave each other little gifts.  It was such a great last day at school!

Can't believe my baby girl is on her way to Kindergarten.
One last class picture, we will miss these faces.

First Grade Field Day

Ava joined all of the first grader classes at the park for a field day.  They played relay races and other games.  They were so hot out there!  Afterwards they had pizza, fruit, and desserts. 

The school handed out yearbooks, too.  It was fun to see their class page that I worked on and the rest of the book.  It is always so cute! 

I was there helping out and Mrs Montoya said they weren't doing much after that was over so I took Ava home with me.  Fun Friday!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day! The girls loved celebrating Eric.  They brought him a plate of vegetable from the garden and a glass of milk in bed.  They made him cards and pictures all day long. They also sang at church. After church Leah started feeling sick so she and I stayed home from the Suman's house. We were sad to miss out, but it was for the best because Leah continued to get sick throughout the night. Poor little girl. Eric got to go be with his dad. I'm lucky to have such great men in my life!

I am grateful for my dad and have always liked this picture of him with all three kids from Scott's wedding, 6 years ago.  Thanks for all you do for us, Dad!

I also love this picture of Eric with the girls from November.  Our girls can get wild and sometimes Eric needs to wrangle them.  He is such a kind and patient Dad to them.  I am grateful for that.

Happy Father's Day!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer is almost here...

I am really looking forward to summer.  I am ready for no school schedule or extra curricular activities!  I want to take the girls to the pool and beach and just hang out with them.  I am hoping for less fighting and more having fun!  Here are the little twinsies headed to the pool on Saturday.