Saturday, May 31, 2014

OCMCO: To Be American

Eric, Ava and Leah participated in the OCMCO concert. It was a patriotic theme and the girls were so excited to sing their two songs, You're a Grand Old Flag and My Country Tis of Thee. They did a great job and it was fun to be in the audience and also back stage with them. Of course, the adult choir and the orchestra were amazing. It's always a great night out.  Thanks to all of the family for coming to support.  I was proud of all of my singers!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Last Disneyland Day

My pass was about to expire so we did one last family trip to Disneyland. After having a pass since we moved to California, it will be hard not to have one. The rest of the family's passes don't expire until after the summer break so they get to still go a couple more times with just Eric. It was sad for me to say goodbye to Mickey today.  We have made a lot of wonderful memories with the girls there.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dance: Charlotte's Web

Yesterday was the girls' dance show at Cal Elite. The theme was Charlotte's Web.  Leah did a ballet dance to Barn Yard Boogie and Ava did a jazz dance to Cotton Eyed Joe.  Anna performed a gymnastics routine too!  All of the girls were super cute out there and it was fun to watch.  It was so, so hot in the gym where they performed.  We were all sweaty by the end.  I felt bad for the poor girls who were dancing and tumbling.  They did a great job!

Some shots from Leah's dance.

Here is Ava back stage.

Shots from Ava's performance.

Here is Anna during her performance and the finale.  I had a bad angle of Anna's class and I was bummed that I couldn't get a good shot, so blurry.

After the show we took pictures and gave the girls flowers.

Looking forward to Ava and Leah's big dance recital coming up in June!  

Blodgetts Farewell Party

 We went to a farewell party for the Blodgetts last night.  They are moving to Valencia in a couple of weeks.  We are so sad to lose our good friends from our ward.  Mindy and I see each other multiple times a week and were in Activity Days together for a long time.  Gavin and Leah have been in Preschool together all year and share their church class.  They are cute little buddies.  It's Gavin's birthday on Monday so we sang to him and had cake.  Jennie was so sweet to host us all at her home in Laguna Niguel and served delicious BBQ.  They have a pool and the kids had so much fun swimming for hours.  It was a great night.  We are excited for their new adventure in LA and can't wait to visit their new home.  Love you guys!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was wonderful. The girls woke me up with breakfast in bed. They (with Eric's help) made me a strawberry smoothie and delivered flowers and cards to my bedside. We also enjoyed ice cream cake after lunch. At church we heard the Primary kids sing two songs which was really sweet. The program included "Why I love my mother..." Leah said, "...she takes me to Disneyland" and Ava said, "...she takes me to get ice cream." Both true. 


 We celebrated moms at Sunday dinner.  I am so lucky to have great examples of moms in my life especially my mom and Cindy. 

Pretty flowers!

Thank you for a perfect Mother's Day!