Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Break: Utah

The day after busy season we left for our Spring Break trip to Utah. The girls were excited to see their cousins again and be in UT. The road trip there is always such a long one but it was rather uneventful. We made a few stops along the way.  Leah and Eric explored the desert.

We got into town late that night but everyone was waiting up and Kimmy, Leah and Ava were quick to disappear playing.  They were practically inseparable and had such a fun time together.  We met their cats, Tiger and Mittens.  The girls fell instantly in love and are still talking about them.  They were nice cats with cute personalities. 

The next day we decided to head up to Brighton to see some snow.  The ski resort was still open.  We found a fun hill and rock to climb on and icicles too. The weather wasn't too cold and the kids loved the snow.  Eric made a sledding path.  Everyone kept having a leg or two sink into the deep patches of snow.  It was a fun adventure!

That night we went out to dinner at Chili's with Tyson and Amber.  The girls loved Amber, of course.  We had fun catching up with them.


On Friday, Kayla and Bill both had the day off of work so we took advantage and went to the new aquarium.  It was crowded but we had fun exploring.  Their favorite things were the penguins, sting rays, and jelly fish.

Ava and Leah loved learning to play pool.  Eric was a good sport and played with them a lot. 


That night we went to dinner with Bill and Kayla.  Scottie babysat!  It was weird leaving the four of them alone together.  But, they loved it and had a fun time watching movies and eating pizza.  Eric and I had our first experience at Texas Roadhouse.  Thanks Bill!

On Saturday morning, Mark and Eric went mountain biking up Yellow Fork Canyon.

For lunch we met up with a bunch of people at Del Taco.  We saw the De Primas!  We got to meet their new baby, Oliver.  He was so sweet and small.  Love him!  We also saw the Petersons and met their baby, Milo.  The Jarond Suman fam came also.


Saturday night we had our Easter dinner with Bill and Kayla and her brother and wife.  Bill went all out and everyone loved the dinner.  We watched a movie each night we were there, he even has a 3D TV. It was perfect and relaxing.

The next morning, the Easter Bunny came!


Sunday morning Eric went out for a hike and ended up going up to a waterfall in Bells Canyon.


 Leah wanted to put on her Easter dress so bad.  It only lasted a few minutes before he changed so she could all dye eggs! 

Later that afternoon we had an Easter egg hunt with their other cousins.  We hid a ton of eggs!  We tried to be tricky but they found even the hardest ones. 

After the hunt we went to The Pie for dinner.  It was so good.  We had a fun time there.  Ava loved writing her name on the wall.

On Monday we drove back to California.  We made a few stops along the way.  We did just a quick drive by of Provo and BYU.  We pointed out some of the places that were memories for us.  I can't believe how much BYU has changed.  There are new roads and buildings. It was fun to see the ole stomping grounds.

The last stop was Steak N Shake in Las Vegas. We had fun drinking shakes and walking through the casino too. 

Thanks for a great trip, Novaks!