Friday, March 28, 2014

Ava: Piano Recital

Ava attended her piano recital this past week. She passed off Level 1 last year and got her award and certificate.  She is now well into Level 2. She loved having her named called for that and for having 100 days of practice which earned her $10 from her teacher.  She works hard at piano each week!

Ava was first to play her piece and she got to introduce it and the theme of The Seasons.  She practiced her little talk multiple times but in the moment of things and nerves, she rushed through it and it is really hard to understand her if you're not her mom.  :)  She looked so grown up to me though.  You can watch the video.  She played her recital music well and we were really proud of her.  It was a difficult song!

Jeremy also performed in the same group. I am glad we all got to be there for each of the kids. They both did really well.  Bill and Cindy came also. I am sorry we didn't get a group picture or a picture of Ava with Sister Hess. 

We ended the night at Golden Spoon. Good job, Ava and Jeremy!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Leah: Swim Meet

Today was Leah's first swim meet. She has been on the swim squad for all of two weeks and the first meet was already here. When we got to the pool we realized that it was set up differently than expected. At class, the swim coach told us it would be the width of the pool like it is in class and today it was set up for the length of the pool. Leah already started getting nervous since she hadn't practiced lengthwise and her first race was a full lap, there and back -freestyle. Something that she started learning in the last month was side breathing during freestyle which she would have to do today. Her race started and when she was halfway back on her second length she started coughing and had to stop swimming. The instructor in the water helped her along for a minute and then she finished the race. The whole thing really shook up Leah, she was crying a little and got scared. She was too nervous to swim in any of three other races. Poor girl. She ended the meet in a smile though because she got her medal for being there and a big hug from her coach. She has lots of practice to do and hopefully will be more prepared for the next meet. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Celebrating Cousins

AZ had Spring Break already and we got to spend some time with cousins! The kids mostly just played at the Grandparents' houses but we did squeeze in a beach trip. The water was gorgeous and the kids had a blast in the water, digging holes, and collecting shells. 


On the Bates' last day in town we celebrated Carter and Savanna's birthdays. 

Happy Birthday!  We will miss you!

Monday, March 17, 2014

St Patrick's Day

The Leprechauns left the girls some Lucky Charms, coins, chocolate coins, and shamrock tatoos inside of the houses that they painted with Gram. 

The girls were excited to wear their St. Patrick's Day Hello Kitty shirts. Ava wanted her nails painted green and Leah wanted rainbow nails. They are trying to show off their nails in these pictures although it looks more like they are trying to rap. 

Hope you had a magical day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Disneyland with Cousins

After school we met up with Gram, Camille, Anna, and Jeremy at Disneyland.  As soon as we walked in we saw Goofy and were first in line for pictures.  We had a fun day despite the crowds and even explored Tom Sawyer's Island which was a first for us.  Gram treated the kids to cotton candy and Camille got them jewels after riding on Pirates.  Fun night!


Thursday, March 06, 2014

OCMCO Rehearsals

This semester of OCMCO rehearsals has been a little different. The location has been changed from the Newport Stake Center to the Segerstrom Performing Arts Center. Also, I am officially the Assistant to the Young Singer's Coordinator. It's a little further of a drive straight from the school parking lot, a little crazier process of parking and dropping off/picking up kids, and my personal responsibilities are a little more intense of keeping track of the kids attendance and helping coordinating the other parent volunteers. But, I enjoy being involved with the group and I like being there for the girls. When we are walking to rehearsal I can't help but take a picture because of the pretty buildings and the girls running through the field.  

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Leah: Picture Day

Leah's preschool class had their picture day this week. I went in to help get the kids to and from the classroom and help the photographers. The kids all looked so cute and they loved a change of scenery. Leah was loving being with her best little buds and they tried to hold hands in every picture.  I love being able to help out in the girls' classrooms.


Sitting L to R: Ryan B, Meghan, Leah, Sophie, Bria, Seth, Jared
Standing L to R: Kevin, Ms Pat, Kaylee, Brian, Tyler, Ryan P, Jaxson, Gavin, Andrew, Macie, Ms Mary