Saturday, February 22, 2014

Goodbye, Didlakes!

We had to say goodbye to the Didlake family. They moved to Austin, Texas and we will miss them! Allyson was one of my first friends here in Trabuco Canyon. Luke and Ava have been together in Primary for the past 4 1/2 years. I love her 4 boys and their fun, quirky personalities. Dave was our home teacher and in the EQB with Eric. They have been great friends and lucky for us, both of their families live here so we will be seeing them whenever they come home to visit. Good luck on a new adventure!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents' Weekend in AZ

Since we had Friday and Monday off of school we headed to AZ for our long weekend.  Eric had to stay home for work but Meredith came with us and we had a fun time!  We got in super late Thursday night and went straight to bed.  Friday was Valentine's Day and while Carter and Savanna were at school, we went to Chipotle and Brennan treated the kids to gelato at Frosty. Later that afternoon the girls went to Savanna's friend's Valentine's party and they got to bring their dolls.  They made loom band bracelets for themselves and their dolls and Ava wrote her American Girl doll a Valentine.  Sounds like it was a pretty cute party!  Later that night we took all of the kids plus Kam and her kids to see The Lego Movie.  The kids loved it and we had "Everything is Awesome!" stuck in our heads ever since.

On Saturday we went to Savanna's soccer game and the kids caught the last couple of minutes of Carter's basketball game.  We we to lunch and the Millers met up with us.  The moms sneaked out and got our nails done and Kam and I made a pit stop for a DQ blizzard.  I haven't had one for years and it was so good.


Later in the afternoon, we went to the Gilbert Temple Open House.  This is what spurred the idea of going to AZ in the first place.  I loved being able to show the girls the different rooms and explain a little more about the temple.  They loved the chandeliers and the baptismal font which were both pretty incredible.  The temple is giant and all of the AZ family in Gilbert is lucky to have it so close by.  I am glad we got to do that.  Afterward we dropped off the kids with a babysitter and went to Chili's for dinner.


On Sunday we played Phase 10 for hours, Facetimed with Adrian in UT, the kids went for a bike ride with Brennan, and we had the Millers and Smiths over for a BBQ.  

  On Monday we were ready to hit the road back to California.  Last stop was lunch at Del Taco, of course!

We always have fun with family! Thanks for hosting us, Bates! You're the best!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Celebrating Valentine's Day at School

Valentine's Day came early this year since we had it off of school and we were leaving for AZ before the actual day came.  Ava and Leah got to open their Valentine's from Eric and I on Wednesday night.  I love opening my mailbox and seeing it stuffed full of handmade Valentine's from the girls and colored pictures.  So sweet.  They loved opening theirs and finding their stuffed animals from Eric and Frozen books from me.  Wonderful Amanda dropped off treats from her and Mindy.  Gram and Grandpa had candy and lipgloss for the girls.  Such a fun day of love! Wednesday, Leah had her school Valentine's exchange with crafts, games and treats.  I love helping in their classrooms.  She has made some cute friends in her class that will continue on with her into Kindergarten.  Here is the Valentine that Leah gave to her classmates this year.

Ava's party was on Thursday with crafts, Valentine's, and cherry soda floats. I went in for a little bit to help out and the kids were pretty cute and all excited about getting candy from their friends. Ava gave out these word search Valentine's, you search for all of the kids names in their class. Ava got to see her big buddy, our friend Dani Hrabik.  She was so sweet to Ava and gave her a stuffed elephant and giant Hershey Kiss that made Ava the envy of all the classroom.  Such a nice girl.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Police Officer Leah

Leah has a preschool buddy, Tyler, whose dad is a police officer and visited the kids' class last week.  They loved going in his police car and hearing him talk about safety.  Leah's big news after class was that she put on handcuffs.  Oh, Leah, that is interesting.  Ha!  They made these funny little police people.  I love it!