Monday, November 25, 2013

California Adventure

We had all of Thanksgiving off of school so we decided to try heading to California Adventure before the crowds hit. We had a great time but didn't completely miss the crowds. It was fun to go see Aladdin and Disney Jr. Leah loves Mickey, Sofia, Doc, and Jake so she loved the Disney Jr show. Ava did too but it was cute to watch Leah enjoying it for her first time. 

We visited Santa and the girls were so excited he was out even though Thanksgiving hasn't even happened!

The girls on the tire zip line in Wilderness Camp.

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Just a pic of us out to lunch at the Spectrum Chipotle. Love these girls.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Feasts

 I have spent the last two days in the girls classrooms for their Thanksgiving Feasts.  Leah has been sick for the past few days but was feeling well enough to join in the festivities.  But, you can tell in her eyes that she still wasn't 100%.  Ms Pat always has fun crafts and stories for the kids.  They love having moms in the classroom.  I had to include the pic of Mindy and her kiddos too because we basically spent this whole day together with 3 hours of preschool, then Activity Days, and a baby shower for Allyson until 10pm.  We both had to deal with some 4 year old melt downs, some drama, and we also had a lot of laughs.  Good times, Mindy.


Leah wanted me to join them at the playground.  I loved watching her ride the tricycles around and hanging out with her friends...especially all of her boys.  Yes, she has two boyfriends in the class.  One tells her that they will get married and she has kissed him on the cheek.  Yikes!!!

Today was Ava's Thanksgiving Feast. We went in and helped serve the kids.  I love knowing all of her classmates so well and they all have cute personalities.  It's a fun class!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Pretty Ballerina

So excited to see this little ballerina perform in her first dance recital next month. I love her serious little face. 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Karen's Birthday!

We celebrated Aunt Karen's birthday on Sunday.  I love that there is a ding dong on top of her cake.  Ava and Karen were matching in their red and black outfits so they needed a picture together, of course!  Leah looks hammered in these pictures.  She was sick with a cold and lost her voice.  She still had fun!  Happy 61st Birthday, Karen!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Arms Up

The girls and I went to California Adventure after early out school.  We were in the gate by 2:30 and headed straight to Radiator Springs.  We still hadn't rode it since it opened because it is always too long of a wait and by the time we get there, there aren't any Fast Passes available anymore.  The wait yesterday was 50 minutes (no Fast Passes) so we decided to do it.  The girls loved it and were wanting to wait in line again for even longer to ride a second time but I vetoed that!  Next time we will go on with Eric and sit in the front row. 

Almost every other ride was basically just walk on!  I love an empty park!  It is just how I remembered in years past.  The girls loved going from ride to ride on the Boardwalk, Ariel, of course, and in Carsland.

The theme of this whole afternoon was "arms up"!  The girls were daredevils and wanted their hands in the air during every ride.  It was Leah's first time on Goofy's Sky School.  She loved it and we went on 4 times!

The girls love to fly on the Silly Swings.  Pure happiness on Ava's face!

They really wanted to go on the swinging cart of the Ferris Wheel.  I was proud of them for being adventurous until we got on, went about halfway up, and the ride broke down...right after the first big swing that made it seem like you were going to fly off the ride.  Both girls were getting nervous but after a few minutes they were able to let us off and now I don't know if I'll ever get them back on it.  We got a complimentary Fast Pass for our troubles and used it for Toy Story!  Love that ride.  Such a fun afternoon with the girls.  We were home at bed time and they fell asleep pretty quick. 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Safari Park in San Diego

The girls had the day off from school for Veteran's Day.  Eric decided to take the day off work so we could head to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park.  Gram and Jeremy were able to come too.  We had a lot of adventures.  The scenery was beautiful and the animals were out.

My favorite had to be the lion.  The male was just laying around and we had a front row view.  Then, he got up and came right over to the window, stared for a while and then jumped up onto a box right in front of us.  It was incredible to see him so close!

We took the African Tram around and saw rhinos, deer, giraffes, and zebra.  So many of the animals were endangered, it was sad, but we were lucky to see so many different species. 

Group shot!

This one bat was completely showing off, flying around and spreading his wings while his other bat friends just slept, upside down of course.

There were plenty of little stops a long the way of places for the kids to play.

The elephants are always amazing and we enjoyed learning more about them at the presentation.

The gorillas were interesting to watch but so, so stinky!

We tried a few times to feed the lorikeets and finally were successful on our way out of the park.  Neither of the girls would hold the birds on their arms and by the end, Ava was a little freaked out with them flying all around us.

Jeremy was laughing so hard and the bird ended up jumping on his back.

The birds were beautiful and very entertaining!

The girls ended the afternoon with a souvenir!

Perfect little day trip!