Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Letters to Brinton

Tonight the girls and I read some letters and looked at pictures from Brinton's mission blog.  Brinton is in the Philippines Tacloban Mission!  It was great to be able to talk to them about what he is doing and where he is.  They were amazed to look at a map and see how far away the Philippines are.  Ava is very curious about what their language sounds like.  Hopefully we will be able to attend his mission homecoming and she can hear it!  The loved the ocean photos and thought it was really cool that this boy was baptized by Brinton in the ocean water.  Both girls drew a picture and wrote a letter to Brinton. Eric and I will also include a letter and get it off to the post office later this week! Hopefully he gets it!  I hope the girls will be this excited next time we write letters too!

(Picture from Brinton's mission blog kept by Saunja)


We still do our Friday night Cafe Rio run with Mere and sometimes we have other family members or friends join us.  A couple of times we took pictures in the Cafe Rio bathroom but never posted them in the Instagram hash tag. 

We went to Pump It Up with the Didlakes, Eisenbises, Gillies and Koellikers.  The kids had so much fun together.  A little extra fun was had in the Hurricane simulation.  They were cracking me up screaming and hair standing on end.  They loved it!

Camille and I took the little girls to baby beach last week.  It was super windy and practically a sand storm the whole time we were there.  The kids didn't seem to mind and loved playing in the sand and in and out of the water.

Both girls are really enjoying their dance classes.  I love watching how serious Ava takes it and how goofy Leah is in it.  They both are learning and having fun.

On Saturday Eric and I took our girls and Anna to the Beach Club while Bryan and Camille were away for the weekend in Big Bear.  I love that these little girls are such good friends.

Leah had her last swim class today since she will be at school during her normal time slot.  Her and Anna have been swimming together for the past many months and loved it.  Leah is doing really well and started to learn to breathe on her side and is ready for the next level class.  We will miss coming here and hanging out with Anna each week in the pool.

Today we went to the Lego Store and they loved making a ton of little Lego people and wanted a picture with their favorite creations.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Blackout is Over!

This week the blackout ended for Disneyland.  On Wednesday night we headed there late after Eric got off work.  We were there super late and got to do a bunch of fun rides.  We got to see part of Fantasmic and the fireworks too.  The girls were super excited to ride on Space Mountain and Splash Mountain.  On Splash Mountain they were brave and had their hands up on the hills.  They also know exactly when the picture will be taken and like trying out new poses.  I tried to have a big bubble with my gum but it popped right before the picture.  :(  On the way out of the park we got to ride in the front of the Monorail.  We are excited to be back!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Palm Springs!

Finally the girls weekend arrived! Camille and I have been talking and planning for months and it finally came! The fun really started Thursday night when Dana and Teresa rolled into town.  They and Wendi spent the night up in RSM.  Mere and I Facetimed with Rachael and Adrian who were ready to head out of AZ to meet us there.

We were so excited to get on the road and finally see this house in person. We took off around 9am on Friday morning. All ready to party! 

The morning activities included moving furniture and setting up rooms.  We were starving so we went to Chipotle for lunch.

Once we were back from lunch, we hit the pool to lay out and swim!
Later in the afternoon some of us went to get nails done (Karis, Kam, Rachael, Mere and I).  We ended up getting twin manicures. 

After nails we decided to stay split up and try different restaurants.  The other group ended up at Ruby's and we went to Bill's Pizza which was super good.  I think we were all pleased with the choice besides the wait for the food.

Afterward we ended up all back at the house for night swimming and we watched French Kiss.

The next day was more swimming fun.  I really wanted a cannon ball picture and we got it!  So fun!

We took a break from the sun and headed to Sherman's Deli. We heard good things and we were not disappointed! Adrian and I both got the French Dip and it was amazing!  Loved it.  Everyone seemed to really love their lunch!

We decided to visit the Marilyn statue.  It was huge!  We took some pics in front and by the Palm Springs wall.  The jumping pic is so, so funny, it was a good time for sure!  I am really glad we stopped there.

That afternoon we played in the pool. It was fun to be in there lounging and cool and enjoying a beautiful palm tree view.  I loved chatting with all of the sisters/cousins!


Later got ready to hit the town.  We really wanted to go to Las Casuellas Terraza but it was packed until 10:30am.  We finally ended up going to Las Casuellas the original after discussion and then walking in the wrong direction for 4 blocks.  Once we cooled off, it was worth it and it was delicious.  We walked around downtown a little more too. 

We knew we needed another group shot so we took that and then played Just Dance and cards for a long time.

At about 1am Rachael, Mere and I joined Teresa and Christie outside for a night swim/hot tub.

We were feeling rather awake and ambitious at 2am and headed out for a bike ride!  It was my first time on a bike in a long time.  It was fun to get out and see the town so empty after it being so busy earlier that evening.

It was a late night but worth it for the memories!  Dana, Camille and I made swag bags for the girls.  They came out cute and was a fun little addition to the trip.  One of the things I got was inflatable flamingos that were coasters.  They were cute in the pool.

The next morning we hung out in the pool and packed up.  We ate at home and when we went outside and saw our last view...the clouds were rolling in and on the way home we all hit some rain.

Goodbye, Palm Springs!  I already miss that pool view and all of the girls.  We had such a fun time hanging out and actually relaxing!  I loved talking to the kids and Eric on the phone and hearing about all of their adventures.  I definitely could have stayed an extra day.  Can't wait to do this again!  Soon! Thanks for the pics everyone!