Saturday, June 29, 2013


The Knowles family is in town from North Carolina! We were so excited to hang out with them since we are lucky to see them even once per year.  We met up at Cafe Rio on Friday night with Karen, Camille, Meredith, and the Blairs.  It was quite a group! Afterward they came over to see our house and play for a little bit.  I loved seeing these three sets of twins....haha!

On Saturday we went to the beach.  Michael joined us too!  We ended up at Bolsa Chica State Beach. The girls were instant friends and off holding hands and playing in the waves.

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Leah is 4!

Finally it was Leah's birthday!  She couldn't wait to open her gifts from us, Ava, and my parents.  She gave some more great reactions and was really happy.  Later that day we went to swimming lessons and McDonalds for lunch with the Eisenbises.  Ava wrote this sweet note to Leah too.

In the evening after dinner we met up with Eric's parents for a birthday treat at Yogurtland.

Happy Birthday, Leah!  Can't believe you are 4 already! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Leah: Butterfly Party!

The day before Leah's birthday we had her party!  She has been talking about this party for a year now and it has evolved from many, many different ideas and party plans but since we just got a new trampoline we decided to put it to good use and have a backyard party with a butterfly theme. Leah was super excited for her friends to come over to play!
 We had the trampoline, playground, swing, baby pools, sprinklers, and bubbles!  Everyone seemed to have a fun time.  Ava even organized a mid-party movie showing.  Haha!

The kids lined up for the pinata!  Love all of these cute faces.

It was very cute to watch her as the kids sang to her.  She was so happy.

It was a little breezy out and when she went to blow out her candle it was already out.  This was the face she gave...haha!  But we relit the candle and she got another chance.

She was so, so, so excited for presents.  She gave so many good reactions.  She was so happy and freaking out over some.  It was cute.  Wish I had the whole thing on video.

Thanks for coming everyone!  Leah felt extra special today!