Thursday, May 30, 2013

Robinson Open House

We went to Open House at Robinson Elementary tonight to see all that Ava has been working on this past couple of months in Kindergarten. It was fun to see all of her projects on the walls and on her table. These two pictures were printed out as a comparison to see how the kids have grown. I can't believe the difference! She has grown up a lot without us realizing it. According to the chart, she has grown one inch and weighs one pound more. 

It was also the Chalk Festival this week.  Each class chooses a book cover and draws it out with a lot of mom and teacher help.  Ava was pretty excited about her art work.

The kids raised butterflies and chick eggs.  Some of the eggs hatched.  The chicks are so cute and it is fun to be in the classroom and hear them cheeping.

While we were in FL it was teacher appreciation week.  It was good to see a couple of the projects that the kids did for Mrs. Keller.


We took some time to visit the 1st grade classrooms too.  It was fun to walk to and from school and see all of the other students walking too.  Starting elementary school has given me a real sense of community especially in our small neighborhood.

 We have enjoyed having her in Kindergarten so much.  I don't want it to end!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Disneyland with Cousins

On Wednesday we met up with the Millers, Smiths, and Eisenbises at Disneyland.  The girls were so excited to go to their favorite place with some of their cousins.  We never get to go with family so this was special for them.  On the way into the park we rode the Monorail.  We had to wait a little while but it paid off because we got to ride in the front!  Dreams were coming true this night.

We checked the updated height restrictions for the Matterhorn Bobsleds and we were happy to see it say, 42"!  Leah was finally tall enough to ride for the first time.  It was pretty jerky...not sure if we will be back on that one for a while.   Leah looked tiny in that seat by herself.

Then we met up with all of the cousins.  We went on Autopia and Buzz Lightyear.

At the end of the night we went on one last ride, the Astro Orbitors.

Such a fun night!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Saturday Date Night

Since the Bates were in town and it was both their and the Eisenbises Anniversary weekend.  We decided to do a group date night.  We went got a babysitter with the Eisenbises and went to Cheesecake Factory at the Spectrum.  Bryan was a baller that night and valet parked.  It was so nice to be out with adults and not worrying about the kiddos.

Afterward we headed back to the Eisenbises house to play games.  Heads Up was a fun new game to play and we stayed out late.  So many fun times with our good friends.  Love it!

Memorial Day weekend was rounded out with cleaning out the garage and hanging by the pool.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Night

Friday night is always fun at Cafe Rio!  Tonight, Ava slipped into the bathroom with my phone and took this selfie.  She is learning the ways.


Afterward Mere came over and humored us in a round or two of the Disney Headbands game. 

Later on we had a surprise visit from Rachael and Brennan bearing gifts of Golden Spoon.  They are in Laguna on an Anniversary getaway. 

DCA/Lego Store Display

We were back at California Adventure last night for a fun family night.  We stopped by the window at the Lego store and one of the workers invited the girls to make a Lego person and then he would hang it on the display wall outside of the store.  They were so excited.  Here they are!

Ava's is a Chef.

Leah's is the purple lady.

We rode a few rides like Soarin' and Grizzly River Run.  We all got wet but Eric really got soaked.  That was smart going on that first.

We also spent a good amount of time in the Wilderness Camp area.  It is the first time that the girls were able to explore and spend time there. They loved it, especially the tire swing.

We waited far too long for the Silly Swings.  But it is fun to be here at night and all the lights...makes it seem magical.  It was Ava's first time not having to ride tandem.  She was excited to have a seat all to herself.

Here are the girls, making our cheap umbrella stroller into a double stroller.

I love spending these evenings together. Too bad our passes are ending next week. We will miss it over the summer.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Florida and Disney World 2013

We took a week off in the middle of the school year and escaped to Florida!  The girls are such great travelers on the airplane.  It makes it so much easier and we can pack lighter these days.  They were excited and have been counting down the days with their paper chain.  The day was finally here! 


During take off we looked out the window and we could see our neighborhood.  It was fun to see the aerial view!

Once we were there the girls waste no time and started their pool time.  Over the next week the girls were in a bunch of times.  They loved having a warm pool right in the back yard.  With both girls swimming now it was really great to sit back and watch without as much worry.  Here are some pool pics from the week.


The next day we went to Disney World!  We spent two nights in Orlando and went to the Magic Kingdom two times and Hollywood Studios for a day.


The girls loved seeing Cinderella's castle!  It was way pretty and more impressive than Sleeping Beauty's.

My parents got a silhouette of Leah done.  All of the kids and grandkids have one now for their wall.

The Aladdin Magic Carpet ride was a must since we don't have that at Disneyland.  It was fun to see the differences in the parks.  We also went on Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Big Thunder Mountain, and Splash Mountain too. We caught some of the fireworks show and ended our evening on Peter Pan and pictures in front of the castle.  The girls loved the changing colors.


The second day at the Magic Kingdom!
We first went to Tomorrowland and got fast passes for Space Mountain.  We were bummed to find out the height restriction is different here than at Disneyland and little Leah didn't make the cut.  We went on all of the other rides around though like Astro Orbitors and Carousel of Progress.  Eric was happy to see the People Mover there.

Eric and I both went with Ava on Space Mountain.  While I was gone with her Leah fell down and got all scraped up on her knee and arm.  A band-aid helped out though!

We waited in a way too long line to meet Ariel but it was actually worth it because she was a mermaid!  She took a nice amount of time with the girls and they talked a long time.  They loved it.

Meeting Gaston was pretty cool too.  He was playing the part really well and had a line of teenage girls waiting to squeeze his muscles!


We finished up in Fantasyland with the carousel, Goofy's coaster, Dumbo, and played in the Dumbo area and Casey Jr's splash pad.


We ended the evening with meeting Mickey in the Town Square Theater.


Hollywood Studios
First stop was Tower of Terror.  The whole family went on that.  The girls were pretty scared but they made it through.  They were proud of themselves for going on.  I hope to get them on in California Adventure too!  We took a video of their reaction.  I couldn't stop laughing at Ava's face every time the doors opened.  My iPhone and iPod ended up flying out on that ride.  Luckily, I realized right when we got off the ride and Eric went back in and was able to get them back.  I was nervous.

We watched the Beauty and the Beast play.  It was well done.  The girls loved it.

Then Eric and I each took Ava on the Rock N Roller Coaster.  It was a great ride.  We loved it!


The kids played in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground.

We watched other shows like Muppet Vision and The Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

We ate lunch at the SciFi Drive In.  It was cool to sit in the dark room with the movie going.  Our server was a pretty crazy dude which was entertaining.

We went on most of the rides there too like the Great Movie Ride.

Last stop was Star Tours.

The girls loved staying the hotel and loved that we had adjoining rooms with my parents.  They called Grandma and Papa's room phone at least a million times and loved being able to go through the door into their room.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday while we were there.  Scott and Holly came over for a BBQ and cake.  We were all sad that the girls couldn't come with them and we missed them this trip.  The girls gave Papa that big doughnut tube from all the pics above.  They had so much fun playing doughnut monster with him.

The next day was Mother's Day!  I love being in FL with my mom and both of my grandmothers for this holiday.  It makes it extra special.


4 generations!

We went to Homassas Springs State Park.  There were so many different animals like manatees and a cougar.  They were all out and active.  We had fun waiting for the hippo to eat.



We stopped for ice cream.  We were having a nice time until this squirrel started to beg for food.  He was so friendly and not scared to approach us at all.  This squirrel ended up stealing my mom's ice cream cone. Eric got the pictures and a video!

The girls loved Kitty, although Kitty wasn't so sure about them. He was pretty mild mannered though.  Eric loved the plants at my parents house...especially this croton plant that started out as just a table potted plant.


The last day we went for lunch and milkshakes and then said goodbye.  It's always hard to leave.

On the plane ride home Ava worked on homework and Leah actually slept!


Thanks for an awesome trip, Novaks! We miss you already!