Saturday, April 27, 2013

OCMCO: Then Sings My Soul

OCMCO had their spring concert last night.  We got the nose bleed seats this time since Leah was coming along for her first time.  She loved the binoculars best.  She did a good job and I didn't have to take her out of the auditorium at all. We saw a lot of friends from the ward and got to sit right next to Gram, Grandpa, and Meredith.  I am so glad they were able to come to see Eric and Ava.

Ava was so excited to perform with the Young Singers. I love how she knows what to expect and wants to be up on the big stage. They sang two songs - Onward, Christian Soldiers and Oh Happy Day.  They are always adorable.


Here is a video of Ava's second song, which is actually supposed to be just for audio since you can't see anything anyway:

 Leah loved "spying" Eric and watching him through the binoculars. 

Every concert is spectacular and there are always some real stand out pieces.  I liked watching Eric through the binoculars too.  It was funny to see him so clearly while singing so seriously.

The fam after the show.  Unfortunately, there was a no exception with the little kids this time, Ava couldn't leave at all between the two performances.


These days are always long for everyone but totally worth it.  This year proved to be extra hard because I had a stomach virus for 3 days.  We made it through though!
Thanks to the Sumans for helping out with Leah too! 

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Instagram and other random stuff from lately.

Eric and I tried a newer restaurant in Costa Mesa, Burrissimo.  Bill does the advertising for them and told us to check it out.  It was good.  An interesting concept, Italian burritos.  It was like an Italian Chipotle.  I got a bowl which is what you think it would be with pasta, sauce, meat, toppings of choice.  But Eric got the burrito that had all of the same stuff inside.  Very interesting.  Hard to make that mind/stomach correlation.

We've loved having new neighbors next door.  The girls always want to play together.  On this sunny afternoon we had Shay over for a picnic.

One night, Meredith came to our house to hang out and we started looking at old pictures and came across this one on top.  It was from May 2000...13 years ago!  I can't believe Mere was only 10 and I was 20 at the time.  We tried to recreate it.  Pretty successful I think!  Crazy how much she has grown up.  Eric loved all the time we spent on this.

Ava found a baby pine cone being born.  She thought it was so cute she needed a picture.

 Friday was crazy hair AND crazy sock day for the elementary school.  Ava loves when the school does fun dress up days like this.  5 braids were the best I could muster since I was already day 2 into the stomach bug.

The girls hate seeing me sick.  Leah especially gets worried.  Ava stepped up a lot to help me while I was down and out.  She brought me this sweetest note one more.  Love her!  I love how she sounded out the words.  Too cute.

Little Leah with her umbrella.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April 16th Disneyland

A good way to spend a day off from work is at Disneyland!  Eric and I got to spend the morning together while the girls were at school and had lunch together while Cindy picked up the kids.  Then we got the girls and headed to Anaheim.  We started out in DCA because we wanted to check Radiator Springs and of course, the line was a little too long for our liking so we passed.  But, Ava decided it was time to try California Screamin'.  We were a little surprised at her bravery to go on a roller coaster with a loop but we jumped on it!  Eric and Ava went to wait in line.  Meanwhile Leah and I got to go on Ariel and the carousel.  She also met Donald Duck.  She said he was really soft.

We watched for Eric and Ava to get to the starting line of California Screamin' to get a picture.  Despite the look in the bottom photo, she loved it!  Can't wait to go on with her another time.

Leah also had a first time...Grizzly Rapid Run!  These girls are getting tall and the height restrictions are no longer an issue.  She was so happy and loving it!  They got wet and wanted to go again so, why not?  The no wait was perfect and I was able to get a couple of cute pictures.  She was all smiles and all three of them were really wet.

We headed to Disneyland and tried to go on the canoes but no luck, closed.  Splash Mountain was right there and with already wet kids they went on that too. 

We loved having Eric around and they got to spend a lot of quality time together.  We are gearing up for our Disney trip in FL next month.  Can't wait!

On the way home from Disneyland we ended up having to pull over because of our car's radiator!  We had to have it towed and Cindy had to pick us up off the freeway.  It was an exciting night! 

Monday, April 15, 2013

Teeth and the Dentist!

Leah and Ava went in for cleanings today at the dentist. It was Leah's first time and she was a pro! She was a great listener and was very patient. She couldn't wait to see how shiny her teeth were afterward!


Ava did awesome, too! She got all 4 sealants put on and x-rays. She said her mouth was getting tired of being open after a while but she didn't complain and we were out of there quick.

Last Saturday, April 6th, Ava must have been especially brave because she pulled out two of her own teeth! The tooth fairy was busy that night. She wrote this cute letter to the tooth fairy and put it in her bed with her box of teeth. This was teeth number 6 and 7.  Here mouth has a lot of spaces to fill.

Tax Day and Spike's Birthday!

The girls really wish we made a bigger deal out of Spike's birthday then we actually do. We did get him some new treats though! Spike is 10 years old today! He is becoming an old man cat. He really is a good pet.

Today is also tax day and while I usually love tomorrow the most, today is still a really great day. We have missed Eric over the last 4 months and I am excited to spend the day with him tomorrow! Although, he is still at work now. :(

Friday, April 12, 2013


 Ava does great on the high beam.  It is exciting to see her up there and be so brave.  Today they were working on handstands on the beam.  They really trust their coach.

Meanwhile in the preschool gym, Leah learned how to do a window on the bars.


The day before the Jog-a-thon, Ava was freaking out because she didn't have running shoes to wear in her first "race". She only has slip on sneakers since she only recently learned to tie shoes. So, we got her a true pair of running shoes. Here she is trying them on and practicing her stance.

Leah and I went to the school to help out and cheer on the class. I got there just in time for the class picture.  Their class was the Yellow Team and they had pom poms, megaphones, and signs.  So cute.

Then the race began.  She ran some, jogged some, and walked some but she didn't give up.  She kept going for the full 30 minutes.  They got a rubber band for each lap completed.  There were sprinklers and parents with water guns.  They were having so much fun!  Their class ran with the other Kindergarteners and First Graders.  It was cute to see all of her other friends too.

After the race it was fun to hang out and Leah was being her goofy self and taking pictures.  She loved passing out the rubber bands to the kids in Ava's class.  One of the moms brought otter pops and they were in heaven.

After the race she got a certificate of completetion and stating how many laps she ran!  10 laps!  Supposedly the track was 1/4 mile so that is 2.5 miles!  I am a little skeptical that the mileage is correct but I am impressed regardless!  All of the kids did so good.