Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

The Saturday morning before Easter we got up and dyed eggs with Eric before he left for work.  The girls loved it!  They both loved using the wax crayon to write their names.  Leah ended up just scribbling on every egg.

Later that day Meredith invited us over to dye eggs with her and Bill and Cindy.  The girls were lucky to get a second chance.

That night I got to play Easter Bunny!  I love it!  The bunny even got to leave something for me and Eric.  So nice!

The girls loved their their baskets and their new Easter dresses for church.  They were all poses and smiles on Easter morning.  Such cute sisters!

Later that night at Gram's house we had the biggest egg hunt for these 5 little kids.  We brought a ton of eggs with candy and Gram, Grandpa and Meredith made a bunch too with money in it.  The kids lit up when they heard that money jingling. There were so many eggs the kids had to empty their buckets and go back out again.  They loved it!

And, the spectators!


Then they seperated their loot, candy vs money!  They made out pretty good.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Egg Hunts!

Yesterday I helped out at Leah's preschool Easter Egg Hunt.  Every student brought in 12 eggs with their names on them.  The moms hid them on the playground and each kid had to find all 12 eggs with their names.  It was fun for the kids when they found their own names and it was cute to see them recognize other friends' names and calling them over.  I thought that was pretty clever for 3-4 year olds.  Ava and Shea got to come out to visit us since we were on the Kindergarten playground.

Today, Erin, organized an Easter Egg Hunt with some friends from church. It was fun to get them together at the park. Age 5 and under got 2 minute head start.  They loved finding the eggs but mostly loved feasting on the candy afterward.

Molly and Hannah helped the kids play pin the tail on the bunny.

Fun afternoon!  Thanks for planning, Erin!