Saturday, December 28, 2013

Random pics

I love when I wake up hearing the girls happily playing outside on the trampoline. 

Apparently this is how my children eat arugula...

Amanda, Mindy and I finally scheduled a little girls night out to dinner and gift exchange.  This girls are the best


While I was out Eric helped the girls decorate the sugar cookies we made earlier in the day.  Leah, of course, ended up looking like this.  She loves sprinkles!

Caroling to Gram's neighbors.

The Willards came to town and we spent the first afternoon at Downtown Disney.  The kids love the Lego store and riding the tram to and from the parking lot.

On Friday we took the kids to the movies and to Cafe Rio.  Had to get a bathroom pic in there!  And it looks like Uncle Casey is the favorite!

Singing karaoke with the fam!

Today more family comes into town!  Party hearty!

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning finally came!  Ava and Leah woke up around 7 or so and opened their stockings in their room and played until 8am when we all got up and made the trek down to the tree.  They were excited to start opening gifts!  They got exactly what they wanted from Santa and a lot of fun other gifts from us and both sets of grandparents!  Leah got a lot of My Little Pony toys and Ava got a couple big sets of Legos.  The girls got a Wii and had fun playing Just Dance and Mario Kart.  It was a great Christmas morning!  After we were done with their gifts, Eric and I got a chance to open ours.  Bill, Cindy, and Meredith came over and spent the afternoon with us and went to lunch at Del Taco, then back to the Sumans for hanging out and playing games.  The girls brought their remote controlled cars from Gram and played out back.  The weather was perfect!

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Eve

The morning started off with an invitation for a concert in our living room at 8am.  After we negotiated it to 9am we were entertained by Ava playing piano while Leah sang Christmas songs and primary songs.  It was cute.

Then Eric started teaching Leah how to ride a two wheel bike! She picked it up pretty quick but needs a little more practice stopping and turning.  She will be riding on her own in no time!


We got lunch at Chipotle and randomly ran into Karen there as well!  On the way to Bill and Cindy's house we stopped at the RSM lake Christmas tree and took a couple of pictures.

We got there and Eric and Jeremy were matching!  We took silly pictures, of course. 

The kiddos got to open their special Christmas Eve gifts....Pajamas!

The Andres and the Peeples came to celebrate Christmas Eve too.  The kids did a little talent show.  Eric and Ava played a Jazz Waltz duet on the piano.  Jeremy, Anna, Ava and Leah sang Nuttin' for Christmas.  Jeremy played the saxophone!

We made gingerbread houses too!

It was a fun, low key night with family and friends!

We got home not too late and put out cookies, milk and carrots.  The girls went to bed and we prepped for Santa's arrival!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Newport Beach Boat Parade

Tonight we went on a harbor cruise to see the Christmas lights on the gorgeous homes in Newport and to watch the boat parade with Eric's parents and Meredith. It was my first experience with the boat parade and I loved watching it from a boat! It was so fun to dress warm and drink hot chocolate. We enjoyed the ride! The girls loved playing on the boat and seeing the lights. It was a great way to start the Christmas break!

We stopped in couple of shops and got some candy and shells.  The girls loved all of the shells and wanted to buy everything!  Eric took this pretty awesome pic of Mere.

Afterward we went to Don Joses in Laguna Hills for dinner with Eric's parents.