Tuesday, December 25, 2012


On Christmas morning the girls woke up early, around 6:50.  Ava knows not to get up until 7am.  It was really cute to hear them waiting inside their room until their clock turned 7:00 so they could come out to get their stockings.  The door opened so fast and they snatched the stockings from outside their door and started giggling and opening their little Santa gifts.  They came in and got us up and we headed downstairs.  They were thrilled with how many gifts there were.

After a couple of pictures, let the unwrapping begin!
Leah got Aladdin from Santa and Ava got her first American Girl doll from Santa.
They got Barbies and American Girl dogs from Grandma and Papa among other things.
They got a new big wooden dollhouse and lots and lots of ponies.  They loved everything and had a great Christmas!  I loved my CT necklace and Eric got some new garden tools and giant Reeses.

We all ate at Del Taco for lunch and then had some family visitors for a while and then headed to Eric's parents house for dinner and hanging out.  It was a great Christmas!  I love seeing the magic of it all through the kids' eyes.
Here is our card from this year. 
Merry Christmas!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we woke up to Ava yelling out, "DAD!" from her room.  She must have been watching the clock for 7am so she could get up and she watched the power go out.  After a half hour of no power we decided to call the utility company and see if it has been reported yet.  Turns out there were 1700 homes without power in our neighborhood and it wasn't expected to be on again for a while since they didn't know what was wrong.  I felt really bad for the people at the power company that were there working so hard all day long and for the people that had their days planned at home with family in town.  We are lucky to have our in-laws close by so we headed to the Suman parents' house and made our part of dinner there.  We met up with the last minute shoppers and had lunch at Chipotle too.

That night we enjoyed dinner and a small program.  The kids got to prepare and perform a musical number.  Ava played Jingle Bells on the piano.  She did great!  Makenna played and so did Jeremy.  It is cute to see the younger ones starting to really play instruments.  Meredith played guitar too.  Leah, Gavin and Laney wanted to play piano and did their best banging away while Anna danced.

Then, we changed things up.  Instead of caroling to the fire department, Cindy planned a nativity with the children.  Ava was Mary, Jeremy was Joseph, Mandi was baby Jesus, the little girls including Leah, were angels, etc.  It was really so cute.  Ava took her role very seriously.  Brian Andre  brought over the narration from Follow the Star. Some of the kids are very familiar with it and knew just what to do.

We ended the night singing the Hallelujah chorus.

The rest of the night was just hanging out fun.


When we got home I got to finish hanging up the Christmas cards that came in the mail.  I love that the cards made it all the way around the bookcases.  It is my favorite time of the year.  I love the mail and hearing from friends and family.  

We set out a snack for Santa and Rudolph.  We used all of our milk preparing for dinner and I guess we were all out of carrots...so, Santa got apple juice and cookies and Rudolph got grapes.  The girls didn't seem to care.

Eric and I waited until the girls were fast asleep and then set up Christmas.  It is so much fun to shop and prepare for Christmas, it is always a little sad when it is all done.  The house looked so pretty with all of the gifts under the tree and it was so peaceful at night.

Merry Christmas Eve!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday: Christmas Eve Eve

At church on Sunday the kids in Primary did a nativity.  The cute leaders in there whipped out there camera and were taking videos and pictures so I joined in.

Later that night we made graham cracker houses Gram's house. 

We have had a lot of late nights.  They look so cozy!