Friday, November 30, 2012

OCMCO: God So Loved the World

Tonight's concert was wonderful!  It really always is.  The kids are adorable in their outfits and the highlight is always the amazing adult choir and orchestra. It is a great way to start the Christmas season.

Ava's choir sang two songs, a German carol "Kling Glockchen" and "Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer".  They looked so tiny in that big concert hall.  It was a little harder to see her this time but we did make eye contact and she waved.

Eric has his debut playing guitar with the orchestra.  There were six guys playing the Spanish carol, "Riu, Riu, Chiu".  Eric did great at the guitar and he sat right in front of me.  It was a great view!

After the 5pm concert we were able to meet up for a few minutes.  I was really proud of both of my performers.  I love this building!  It was such a fun night out.  Thanks to the Sumans for watching Leah all afternoon and evening so I could take care Ava and see the show.

The group released their first Christmas album, "O Holy Night" and has been making it on the classical Billboard charts, debuting at #3. It is always fun to have a recording with your husband on it!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Christmas Day

On Christmas morning the girls woke up early, around 6:50.  Ava knows not to get up until 7am.  It was really cute to hear them waiting inside their room until their clock turned 7:00 so they could come out to get their stockings.  The door opened so fast and they snatched the stockings from outside their door and started giggling and opening their little Santa gifts.  They came in and got us up and we headed downstairs.  They were thrilled with how many gifts there were.

After a couple of pictures, let the unwrapping begin!
Leah got Aladdin from Santa and Ava got her first American Girl doll from Santa.
They got Barbies and American Girl dogs from Grandma and Papa among other things.
They got a new big wooden dollhouse and lots and lots of ponies.  They loved everything and had a great Christmas!  I loved my CT necklace and Eric got some new garden tools and giant Reeses.

We all ate at Del Taco for lunch and then had some family visitors for a while and then headed to Eric's parents house for dinner and hanging out.  It was a great Christmas!  I love seeing the magic of it all through the kids' eyes.

Here is our card from this year.  

Merry Christmas!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

San Diego!

For Black Friday we decided to skip the sales and head to San Diego. We met up with Eric's parents, Meredith and the Eisenbises and spent all day exploring the San Diego Zoo. This was my first time to the zoo and it didn't disappoint. Lots of beautiful animals and scenery. The kids were troopers with walking so much. One of Ava's requests was to ride the Sky Tram. There was a great view up there. They requested pictures at every statue we saw.

The girls picked out these cute stuffed animals at the end of the day, Fling and Tigie.

After the zoo we went to our little favorite pizza place, Bronx Pizza.

Our little family made plans to spend the night in San Diego. We picked a hotel with an indoor pool so the girls could swim at night. The hotel was in Symphony Hall and the lobby was on the 12th Floor. The girls loved staying downtown with all of the big buildings and airplanes flying by our windows. They did great in the hotel, slept great too. I loved that we had door to the room so the kids could go to bed asleep at a decent time. They had such a fun time in the city. When we started our drive home Ava said she was going to miss the hotel which made us laugh since we were only there for one night.

On Saturday we explored the city. We stopped at Seaport Village. The kids loved chasing the bubbles, watching magicians and birds, and going into the little shops.

Here they are acting like pirates.

Eric found Dr Pepper BBQ sauce!

Our next stop was in Old Town.  We really enjoyed all of the culture and historical sites here. We know we need to go back and spend more time seeing everything.  We had hot tortillas on the street and ice cream for lunch.  Such a fun ending to our little vacation.

We didn't realize this gem was right in Old Town! Too bad we had to miss out this trip.

I look forward to more family trips in the future!