Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Instagram Post

Here are some Instagram pictures from the past few weeks. 

Girls night with Mere and Rachael.

Ava getting her hair trimmed.  
It was hair 24/7 for a while a the Gerdts house.  Thanks Rachael!

Rachael and I snuck in a Cafe Rio bathroom pic.

The girls love when I have bubble gum.  They want to see how big the bubble can get. 

Five Guys lunch with the fam (greasy camera).

Leah was sick for a few days and she was so sweet falling asleep on the floor all week.

Tried to get picture of my hair and ended up with this crazy sun flare.

Anna came to play with us a couple of times since baby Mandi was born.  This time we went to the Spectrum and rode the carousel.  Leah and Anna were having so much fun and were super happy.

For Red Ribbon Week, Ava loved dressing up all different ways.  One of the days was crazy sock day.

Halloween house decor.

Leah found a leaf bigger than her head.

We went to a couple birthday parties and Ava tried bobbing for apples.  
She did it twice!

During Ava's soccer practice, Leah and Eric go on mini adventures.

Preschool Halloween Party

Today was Leah's preschool Halloween party (no costumes).  Some of the moms got to volunteer to run some carnival type games for the kids.  I was in charge of bowling.  After the games the kids got to trick or treat and fill their bags with pencils, rings, stickers, etc.  They got a ton of items and loved going around and talking to the moms about what their costumes will be tomorrow.  Leah loved having me in there and it was really cute to watch her interact with all of her friends and teachers.


The snack was a special ghostly white snack that went along with a story they were told.  They got to each popcorn that they helped make and chocolate chip ice cream.  


Pumpkin Carving

The girls and Eric carved a pumpkin last night.  Ava drew out what she wanted.  The girls dug out the inside and Eric manned the knife.  


Scary pumpkin! 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wendi's Birthday

We celebrated Wendi's birthday on Sunday. It is always fun to be with the family. You never know who is going to pop up in the group shot. This week, Colin was visiting for an internship interview. We missed Lucas and Christie, though. Also, baby Mandi made her first appearance in the group shot.  The weather has been warm and it's fun to sit outside for dinner and there is always a gorgeous sunset.  Our girls and the Blair kids had their Primary sacrament programs at church and each kid got to share their speaking part.  Even, Leah sang a little solo of "I Am Like A Star" - which, by the way, so super cute during the program.  All of the nursery kids went on the stand and waved their little star hand puppets while singing.  Leah was so happy to be up there and did her part perfect.  It was a great program.
Happy Birthday, Wendi! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat

The girls were SO excited to put their costumes on for pictures and Trunk or Treat. They had been calling each other Peter and Tink all day. They almost never broke character. Leah was thrilled with the glitter (pixie dust) we put on her face and Ava kept crowing like a rooster.

At Trunk or Treat the girls loved eating hot dogs and jumping in the bounce house.  Ava wanted to take a picture with her shadow.  They couldn't wait for the Treating to begin.  Leah ran to everyone she knew and gave lots of hugs.  She is so friendly and outgoing.  The girls won the prize for "Best Couple Costume".  It made their night!

Cindy came with Jeremy and Anna too.  Everyone looked cute in their costumes. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Tanaka Farms

Yesterday was Leah's preschool field trip to Tanaka Farms. We have done this outing like 8 times but it is always fun. Eric took time off from work to join us. Leah loves the tractor ride and picking out a pumpkin (a funny bumpy one). If the little one can carry it, they can take it home. They also got to pick vegetables (Leah's favorite are the carrots), go in the corn maze, and in a petting zoo where Leah is mostly scared but Eric got her to finally pet a goat or two. It is nice that the kids can spend time together outside of the classroom.



Emily, Leah, and Ryan on the tractor ride.


Leah with her teachers, Ms Mary and Ms Pat.


The class photo!

We'll be back again in the Spring for strawberries!