Thursday, September 27, 2012

Back to School Night

Tonight was Back to School Night at Robinson Elementary for the Kindergarten parents.  Eric and I met up and dropped the girls off at Gram's house and headed to a quick dinner at Bruxie for waffle sandwiches.  I sported a fishtail braid that was 10 hours old, but I just learned how to do them, thank you Pinterest.  I was a happy mom because Mrs Keller had all good things to say about Ava.  She used words like confident, good, prepared, etc.  So proud of her.

This is the first time that Eric got to meet Ava's teacher and see her classroom.  It was cute to see all of the work that the kids have been doing this past month. They have been talking about their selves and doing a lot of self portraits. I loved Ava's.  She even said to me, "Mom, it looks just like me!"  They started art class today and learned how to draw a bird. Her project isn't done yet because they will paint it next time but she drew this little bird for me when we got home.  So cute!  It was also interesting to hear what the kids will be learning this year.  Homework will begin in the upcoming weeks too.  Lots of Kindergarten fun.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Disney Nights

On Wednesday night we went to California Adventure after Eric got off work. Driving down MacArthur we saw this pretty sight...palms as far as you could see.


Our first stop was to visit the new Carsland. 

We discovered that Leah has grown over the past couple of months since our passes were blocked out.  She was now more than 40" and could go on more rides.  She was SO happy about it.  We went on the Jumpin' Jellyfish and The Silly Swings.  She was tall enough for Radiator Springs too but the wait was too long this time.

 Ava rode on Goofy's Sky School for the first time. It was pretty scary for her but she was brave and went on it a second time with me. It is a fun coaster that makes it seem like you are going to fall off the edge.  Our last stop was Soarin' Over California.  It was Leah's first time on and the first time our whole family was able to ride.  I love experiencing rides with first timers...Leah was so excited about everything she saw. 

We went back this week and went to Disneyland.  Ava and Eric got to ride in the very front of the Monorail.  

We had fun going on Go Gadget's Coaster 3 times!!  The girls love the roller coasters.  Leah had another first on Big Thunder Mountain.  She said that she felt sick to her stomach and I don't know if we will get her on it again soon but we'll try.  Ava didn't want to go on it at first but eventually she changed her mind and afterward she concluded that it is her new favorite! 

 And, if that wasn't enough Disney, the next day we had off school so we took Jeremy and we went to South Coast Plaza.  We went to the Disney store, Lego store, See's Candy, on the carousel and then to McDonalds for lunch.  It was a pretty fun outing for those kiddos.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Gingerbread Man

In Ava's class they have spent the last week looking for the gingerbread man that escaped out of the oven and it has been leaving clues all around the school. Ava has been so excited about finding this guy. Mrs Keller has done a great job at keeping the kids attention and taking them all around the school grounds. They went to the library, nurse's office, multipurpose room, and then finally found him this week sitting in the principal's chair in his office. Ava was kind of obsessing over it and on Tuesday she ended up having a nightmare about this gingerbread man. She was scared for Mrs Keller, too. Luckily there was only 2 more days until he was found. The class made "Wanted" posters and they were hung up all around the school. When we were walking to school we took time to find Ava's poster. 

That is the gingerbread man hiding in the grass with a furry animal...there is a flower and two birds.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Dinner with Michelle

Michelle and Mike were in LA this past weekend. Mike got nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for this commercial. Michelle invited us up for dinner and headed to Umami Burger in Santa Monica. It was so fun to chat and catch up with my oldest and dearest friend and get out of town for an evening. We must do this more than once a year! I am so happy that they are doing well and are in the process of buying their home in Portland. Congrats!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leah: First Days of Preschool

Today was Leah's first day of Preschool Connection at Robinson Ranch. She was thrilled that today was finally her day to go to school. She even gets to play on the Kindergarten playground, the same one Ava's class uses. She was happy to get ready this morning and get her picture taken. She wanted to wear sneakers and socks even though she didn't have to today. She picked out a new dress to wear. Of course, everything she picked was pink! She was giving me silly faces and poses but once she started running around I know the "photo shoot" was over.

Today was just an orientation so I got to go to school with her for an hour and watch her play and interact with some of the kids in the class. We met the two teachers and heard the rules and all about the schedule. Ava went to this school for her first year of preschool. Miss Karen is no longer there but Miss Mary is and remembered us and was really excited to see how big Leah has gotten. The new teacher is Miss Pat and she seems really great. While the kids played together, Leah just sang her little heart out the whole time. I let the teachers know that Leah sings everything and can be pretty loud. Hopefully she isn't too much of a distraction. We are excited for a good year for Leah. I am kind of dreading dropping her off on Thursday since she still seems so small to me. I will have an empty nest for 2 strange.

Leah's second day was the real first day. I actually got to drop her off and leave her for 3 hours. She was really excited for her big day. I had to take a couple extra pictures on the way there.

Ava was really excited that Leah was a Rattler like her now. Go Rattlers!

Miss Pat had Leah's class line up, wave goodbye and blow kisses to the parents before walking in. It was so cute. Leah is standing next to Ryan Brewster. Then off they went! I had to peek in to see her sitting so cute.

While the girls were off at school I had two hours to myself. I got some errands done and was able to actually have phone conversations with friends. It was peaceful and stress free. But, I was excited to pick them up and see their smiling faces. They both are loving school. It was a great day.

That tooth.

Ava has a pesky front tooth that has been hanging on by a thread. She came running upstairs yesterday morning to show me that her tooth was bleeding a little and ready to come out. I wanted to pull it but she came up with every excuse to get out of it. She is terrified that it will hurt. She didn't even eat anything yesterday because of the tooth. I even made her a smoothie but she said that it hurt too. By the time 7pm came along I tried getting her more food and she said she just wanted to go to bed. It was kind of sad actually. I tried everything besides holding her down and forcing it out. Then, this morning she woke up at 5:30 throwing up. Luckily she didn't have anything in her stomach. She spent the day on the couch and not at school. She got to go to Gram's house for a little while since I had to take Leah to her first day of Preschool, orientation. Ava still managed a smile for the camera. Hopefully the weird behavior yesterday evening had more to do with the onset of the sickness then the tooth.

Finally at about 5:30 this evening she really started feeling better and wanted to eat but that darn tooth. She decided to let me take her tooth out. It was out in one second and hurt for a split second but was over before she knew it. She was so happy and in such good spirits after it was out and wanted to eat right away. She called her Dad and Gram to let them know it was finally out and that she was feeling better.

Now we have a missing tooth faced girl. Perfect for elementary school photos coming up. I don't like to mention that the other front tooth is kind of loose too. Yikes. It will be an interesting year. Still smiling for the camera and learning to talk and eat with a big open space.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Piano Lessons

Ava began piano lessons today with Karen Hess. There is a lot to learn but they were patient with each other and Ava was starting to catch on. It was funny to see her learn new things that didn't even relate much to piano, like how to use the mouse on a computer and she kept getting tripped up on left and right hand. But, she caught on quickly and now she knows! Also, Karen kept asking her to read certain things and I had to remind her that she is only started Kindergarten last week...she doesn't know how to read! Ava left saying that she loved it and had fun. I hope that she stays motivated for it and is excited to practice every day.

Saturday, September 08, 2012


Today was Ava's first soccer game. She is on team Sugar Plum Fairies. This is Ava's first experience with soccer. Her coach is Ann Wilson, who is Molly's mom from preschool last year. Ava and Molly were best buds at school and it was so cute to see them reunited at the Meet and Greet last week. They kept hugging and then they were off playing like no time had passed at all.

Molly is a great little player and her 3rd time playing soccer. She scored our 1 goal of the game today. I think she will be a good example for Ava. All of the girls did great for their first game and really hustled even though it was 90 degrees out. We are out on the field for an hour. The first half hour is practice and then the second half is the game. Ava did great!

It was sunny and hot but so much fun to watch the girls play. Afterward we went to Ballpark Pizza for lunch. Happy Soccer Season!