Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Leah's Haircut

Today I sent Leah upstairs to brush her teeth. A few minutes later I heard Leah crying. I thought that the girls were arguing or something but realized that her cry wasn't whining it was really sad sounding. So, I hurried upstairs to find Leah in my bedroom. She was hiding under my covers and on the floor there was a pile of hair and scissors. She kept saying, "I didn't mean too, Mommy". I started to kind of freak out because I didn't know exactly what it looked like. I started crying too.

It was so sad to see her pretty long blonde curls on the floor and the crazy mullet (short in the front, long in the back) she left behind. She completely chopped both sides up to her ears and in some spots way shorter. I didn't even see the full extent of it until we were in the salon. I knew we were going to have to cut it all short - aline short bob or pixie cut.

I didn't know who to take her to since I have only seen Rachael or Kam for hair for the past 10 years. I made an appointment at the children's salon at the mall since I assumed they have dealt with this type of thing before. Leah was excited to get it "fixed". I prepped her for it being really short. Ava started crying too. She was scared that after her hair cut that it wouldn't look like Leah anymore. We were a wreck, the three of us. At the salon they started by cutting off her pony tail. That pretty little curled pony tail!!

But in the end, of course, our pretty little Leah still looks cute and her hair will grow back. It is a fun, sassy cut. They did a good job at trying to keep the front length. There are still super short hairs hiding under the top and some butched sides but it is way better than what Leah left us with. She looks cute.

All of the instructors at gymnastics were loving it and Leah came home saying..."My hair cut is so cute, Mommy." She was SO sick of my touching her hair and wanting to comb it and take pictures. When I asked for another one, this is the face I got from her.

I am so glad that she likes it and is confident. I like it too, not what I had planned for our little 3 year old, but I'll get over day.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Back to Disneyland

Our passes are good again! Leah even got her own pass today, now that she is 3 (unfortunate for our bank account). She was so excited to have her own. We walked in and basically ran into Mickey. It set the tone for the day because we spent half of the time there taking pictures with characters.

When I grabbed the schedule for the day I noticed something new, you could meet Merida, from Brave. The girls were thrilled and we headed over. Her hair was crazy! And, bonus, you got to shoot an arrow. Leah wasn't interested.

We couldn't walk past the other princesses...they had to meet them too!

We went on a lot of rides right there in Fantasyland like Small World, Tea Cups, Alice, Peter Pan, Storybook ride. The girls were in heaven with short lines. But it was really, really hot today and we were dying. We only stayed a few hours but will be back soon!

On the way out we ran into Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. The girls were really sad that we forgot their autograph books today! I love that fall is coming and we will have the park to ourselves again.

Leah the Swimmer

Leah has become quite the little swimmer! Now that school is starting next week, we stopped the lessons. She only went once a week and I think she had a total of 6 lessons. She picked it up quickly and is doing really well in the pool. We are really proud of her! Good job, Leah!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Evening at the Park

Saturday evening we took the girls to the park. It was such a pretty night and great to just be out with our little family. Afterward we went to BJs for pizza and pizookie. Yum! Fun night with the kiddos.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Back to Cousins

Back to life, back to cousins! We came home from Florida to more fun. We were happy that we were able to spend two more days with Liesl, Lauren, and Dane before their parents came back and they headed home to Idaho. We spent Thursday at the OC Great Park. We got to go on the Orange Balloon and rode the carousel a million times. It was a fun afternoon. We finished up the evening swimming at the Altisima pool. I love that the girls have such great relationships with so many family members.

Tonight we met up at Cafe Rio and then said goodbye until next summer.

I can't believe the visitors are all gone and we have less than 2 weeks until school starts.
This little girl is starting to get really excited!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Honeymoon Island

The day before we left we went to the beach, Honeymoon Island. It was cloudy and ended up raining on us but not before we were able to go in the water and battle the high tide waves. There is a lot of sea weed on the beaches right now!

We all collected sea shells that had a hole in them so the girls can make necklaces out of them.

It was a fun day on the beach! We were home in time for dinner with the Grandmas. It was sad to leave then next morning and say goodbye to all of the family. Until next year!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Dolphin Tale

We took a trip over to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium to see the rescued animals and visit the Dolphin, Winter, from the movie Dolphin Tale. As soon as we walked up we saw the houseboat used in the movie and the girls got more excited to see Winter in real life.

The girls really enjoyed looking all around and exploring.

We first we went through all of the exhibits and we saw lots of marine life. From sharks to pelicans and sea turtles, otters, sting rays...

And of course, dolphins. There were 4 dolphins there, all rescued for different reasons.

You can see Winter's missing tail in these pictures. She uses the prosthetic for physical therapy only. Ava got to hold it.

We watched the male dolphin, Nicholas perform.

We took a trolley over to the Dolphin Tale display across town. They had props and scenes from the movie.

Afterward we headed to Anthony's Pizza again!