Monday, July 30, 2012

Swim Lesson #2

Leah's second swim lesson went so good. She is getting the hang of it and even swam a little on her own. It was so cute! Go Leah! Here are a couple videos.



Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Weekend in Instagrams

We went to Los Primos. Eric's chimichanga was enormous.

Leah at gymnastics but looking more like yoga doing the upward dog position.

A couple random shots of Spike. He is such a funny cat. He is more like a dog. He rolls over into the grass when we get home and he wants his belly rubbed.

We went to dinner with Michael at El Cholo with the Eisenbises and Kam. Even though we live close to him we don't see him and Heather very often. Hopefully we can get better at it! We missed Heather but it was fun to catch up. Ava took this picture of me before we left the house.

The Miller girls spent a couple of weeks here in California and it was sad to say goodbye at the end. Here is the picture that Kam captured of Chloe and Ava hugging goodbye.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Leah: Swim Lessons

Leah had her very first swim lesson this week. I was proud of her for getting in the pool with the instructor, putting her face in the water, and listening well to the instructions. She has a lot to learn but it has begun! I hope we have a swimmer by the end of the summer. She had fun and is excited to learn.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Potty Training

Leah has learned to go potty on the toilet! We are so proud of her. When she was 2 we would try to train her and motivate her but she set her own goal and said that after her Pinkie Pie party she would be a big girl and stop wearing diapers. When her party came, the very next day she started using the potty and wanting to wear diapers. In no time at all she was completely potty trained. After her first week she got a Rapunzel dress up. She still wears pull-ups at night but for the past week, she has been dry every morning. She likes to go into the bathroom and have "false alarms" which get frustrating after a few times but she hasn't had accidents and the false alarms have ceased. She is learning about her body and doing a great job. We are so proud of her! We are officially a diaper free household!

The Knowles Family

Last night we hung out with the Knowles family. They are here visiting Jason's parents from Texas. It is so fun to hang out with them and laugh like old times.

Our girls get a long really well. Lilly is almost 7 and Mia is 4. They have twin boys now that are 4 months old. I loved holding baby Evan and Owen. They don't look too much like twins though since Owen is so much larger than Evan. They fell asleep while we were eating dinner and we didn't get a picture of them. So lame. We did get pictures of the girls playing together. Leah and Mia were chapstick buddies.

We wish they could find a dream job here in Southern California so we could hang out more often. We miss them!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Pioneer Day

The Stake hosted a Pioneer Day activity at Altisima Park. Bryan was the guy in charge and it was a lot of fun. He did a great job organizing. We only stayed an hour since we were going to Fountain Valley to visit the Knowles but we enjoyed what we were there for. Leah fell asleep on the way over to the park and didn't really participate. I was surprised about how many people were dressed up. Everyone looked cute, including Cindy. Ava wore a bonnet. I wish we could have stayed longer.

Ava got excited about the three legged race. She and Jeremy teamed up.

We should have had given them a practice run because Ava ended up falling down and Jeremy fell on top of her. She was crying and they didn't get to finish the race. Poor kids.

Happy Pioneer Day!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


On Thursday we went to LA to see a taping of Conan at Warner Brothers Studio in Burbank. I requested tickets online for this date since it was our anniversary. I was so excited to actually get tickets since we had requested before and didn't get in. I think leaving comments helped! Dana and Casey came with us. We got there and got our tickets and wristbands.

We noticed this car in the parking lot and realized that it was the car that Andy drove across country for the NY tapings.

We waited around for a long time in the parking garage waiting area but we were grateful to have benches and to be in the shade since it was in the 90s this day. It was funny that there was a sign marked "Conan" in the parking garage.

Eric noticed the writers were in there and got a picture with his favorite writer, Brian Stack. He does different skits on the show like "The Interrupter", "Fan-tasic Guy", "James Sinclair St Wallins", and "Artie Kendall". We saw them writing about people from the audience so we knew we were in for the Audiency Awards skit. One of the best parts of the show. It was cool to shake hands with him.

When we walked into the studio we saw these two life sized Conan sculptures. One is made out of pencils and one is Legos. Pretty rad.

No phones or cameras were allowed in the studio but at the end of the show we turned on our phones and got a couple of photos. I can't believe how tall and skinny Conan is. It was awesome when he first came out for the monologue...I felt like he was an old friend, it was cool to see him live. The guests were Freida Pinto, Chris Hardwick and comic Sebastian Maniscalco. No one every exciting but that's ok, we were there for Conan!

He didn't interact with the audience much at all outside of what you see on the show. At the very end he actually sang a song with the band about it being the end of the show. Eric got this good picture of him singing and then flipped over to video and got a 2 second clip of Conan.


It was fun to be on the WB back lot and we had one guy tell us what was filmed in the different studios. It is weird to see all of the facades and remember how much of TV is fake.

Happy Anniversary to us!

Afterward we went to Tito's Tacos. It was fun having a date night with the Willards. Here are some of Dana's Instagram pictures of Tito's and she and I walking to get drinks at AM/PM.

We watched the recording when we got back to Eric's parents house and you can actually see us in the audience during the last little part of the middle skit. Pretty fun. We are famous!! Haha!

We definitely want to go again some time! Super fun!

10 Year Anniversary!

July 19, 2002 was 10 years ago!! What a beautiful day it was. I love you, Eric.

We celebrated in Hawaii in May. On our actual anniversary day we went to LA to see a taping of Conan and out to Titos Tacos with Dana and Casey! It was such a fun afternoon.