Thursday, May 31, 2012

Open House

Robinson Ranch Elementary had their Open House on Thursday. A few of our friends mentioned that I should take Ava since this would be the only chance to really check out the classrooms before school started. She LOVED it. She loved the Kindergarten rooms and got to meet one of the teachers, Ms Keller. We saw plenty of friends there from preschool, church, softball, etc. I like the small town feel of it. It was also their first annual Chalk Walk. Each classroom did a chalk drawing. I was pretty impressed with most of them. Here are a few of Ava's favorites.

Red Potatoes

Eric decided to try growing potatoes. He couldn't wait to see if anything was growing underneath the soil. This is what he potatoes!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Last Days of Disneyland

We are in the last days of Disneyland before we are blocked out for the summer. Little baby Leah...will be 3 years old next month and we'll have to shell out some serious cash for her pass in August. I can't believe how expensive it is getting but oh how we love it so!

The girls love seeing the new Lego store creations in Downtown Disney. This is so incredible. While we are blocked out we will have to go do Downtown Disney and actually go in all of the stores.

It has been a while since we went to the Aladdin play. Ava was laughing really hard at the Genie this time, she is understanding different humor more and more. Leah just kept asking when we were going to see Jasmine again every time she went off stage.

It is impossible to pass up the Ariel ride. Leah talks about it for days.

Last week we went with Eric after work. Ava and Eric went on Space Mountain and we all went on Pirates. Ava has been boycotting Pirates for a while but she was brave this week. Ava also had a first this time, Indiana Jones! She is just tall enough and this ride scared her to death. When she and Eric got off of the ride she came right up to Leah and told her to never go on that ride because it is too scary for her. I thought it was pretty cute that she was so concerned for the future Leah. I am not sure if we will get her on that ride again any time soon. We revisited Captain EO too. So much fun!

Looking for Tiana.

Only one or two more chances to go!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day

We headed out to the Beach Club today to enjoy the beautiful day with the family. The three little girls played together really well and had so much fun. We had great chairs that eventually became shady and perfect.

Leah and Anna were amazed (and slightly frightened) by Camille's bubble blowing. They had great facial expressions. They were cracking us up.

Before we left the Beach Club, Bryan, Meredith and Eric decided to take kayaks out on the lake. Ava, Leah and I walked over to check them out. They looked like they were having fun exploring. They saw a lot of turtles and ducks.

An oar high five.

Rowing off into the sunset.

We ended the evening with a BBQ at the Sumans house.
Happy Memorial Day!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Goofball

Leah is our little social goofball. I love this little girl.
She says "L"s funny and says "quacker" instead of cracker. She always has a funny face to show you.

Yesterday I took a video of Leah just saying some words and answering questions.

Silly faces with Ava.

Two Wheeler

Eric taught Ava to ride a two wheeler bike. Yesterday was a big day when Ava announced that she wanted to remove her training wheels. I don't know what changed her mind but up until yesterday she was against it. Yesterday Eric took her out and she didn't seem to get the hang of it too much but today was a different story. She learned! She needs practice but she gets it! It is so cute to see her ride her bike like a big girl. Go Ava!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To be a kid.

These girls are so carefree. They just like to play and have fun. I love that they have each other. They do argue but they also have so much fun together. Last night we ate dinner outside and then watched the girls play in the sprinklers. They were loving the water and were dancing and surfing on the wagon.


Sunday night Cameron reminded us that there was a solar eclipse. He brought the video camera and binoculars with special paper over the lenses so we could look directly at the sun. It was great entertainment all night long.