Monday, April 30, 2012

Random Instagram Pics

Nightly teeth brushing.

Twinner pajama girls.

Lucy's photo and Dana's blurb in Family Fun magazine.
Ava and I spotted it at the dentist office.

Super girl, Leah. She runs around the house saying, "Super girl to the rescue!"

Hat shopping for Hawaii.

Cinco de Mayo tacos.

A lover's picture courtesy of miss Ava.

Leah at story time at the RSM Library. She loves it!

Super Spike.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

OCMCO: From Classical to Broadway

Yesterday was the spring OCMCO concert. The performances were really amazing. There is a lot of talent coming together with all of the different choirs and the orchestra. The concert was, "From Classical To Broadway and Everything In Between" and it was just that; beautiful classical pieces that we all recognized with an intermixing of Broadway favorites. Brandon Stewart did a piano concerto that was truly amazing.

Ava always looks so adorable in her little school girl uniform and Eric looks handsome in his tux.

It is always strange dropping Ava off into a sea of people hoping she finds her way with her group. That is her walking on the bottom left. She was very excited about the concert and didn't get sad at all this time being separated from us for about 7 hours. She is a veteran now that this is her third concert.

The Young Singer's Chorus (ages 4-1st grade) was so cute. There are so full of life and tiny up there in the big hall. I had a perfect seat to see Ava and she waved a few times but was very focused on Brett and following his conducting. She couldn't believe how much he was sweating. Ava was a line leader and I had a great view of her. They sang two songs, Alleluia (a Mozart piece) and Bushel and a Peck (Guys and Dolls). It was adorable. I tried to take pictures and get a video even though it is forbidden but I got busted and put the camera away before I got a good one.

There were some memorable songs by the adult choir...Eric's favorite was Agnus Dei (Faure's Requiem). I thought Stouthearted Men (The New Moon) was cute with just the men's choir and the little boys marching back onto stage. And their version of Somewhere (West Side Story) was really pretty also. I mean, it was all excellent!

In between concerts, the three of us got to visit. The concert hall looked glowing. We thought Ava would be excited to go get dinner and be with us for a few minutes before she had to be back for the second performance but she begged to go back to the holding room to play with her friends. She is growing up.

Ava is such a daddy's girl.

Karen, Bill, and Cindy got to come to the show too. Thanks for the support!
It was a very enjoyable evening!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Zoomars and Ruby's

This past weekend we headed down to Zoomars Petting Zoo in San Juan Capistrano. It is the first time that we went here and the girls had a good time. Ava loved the rabbits and guinea pigs. She wanted to hold all of them. Leah was a little scared of all of them.

There was also a little train ride.

Afterward, we walked to Ruby's for lunch.

Fun little day trip with the girls.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Anora is 3!

Leah's little nursery friend, Anora, turned 3 and the whole family went to her circus themed party. The girls loved playing all of the games and counting tickets and picking prizes. We enjoyed the lil' smokies, cotton candy, and watching the amazing balloon man. Best balloon guy I have ever seen. Thanks for the fun party, Johnsons!

Happy Birthday, Anora!

2nd Tooth

Ava lost her second bottom middle tooth today. It has been hanging on by a thread for the past few days but hasn't let us wiggle, pull, or even look at it. I'm glad it is finally out! She looks cute with a big ole gap. Fun that the Tooth Fairy gets to visit again!

Game Ball

Ava got the game ball today at softball. She has been wanting to get it each week, so I am glad she got it today! It was so hot out there but she was hustling more than ever and did a great job playing the pitcher's position. Great game Lady Pirates!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Splash Pad Day

Friday was a hot one.

Leah and I went down to the Irvine Spectrum and she wanted to play in the Splash Pad there. She LOVED it. I am so bummed that I accidentally deleted the cute little video of her running and playing.

Later that night we decided to eat dinner at Baja Fresh and the girls got to play in the splash pad there too. Ava was warming up in the sun and looked like a dead body laying on the bench covered.

And also, Ava's tooth was so loose but wouldn't show it to us so when she would check her tooth she would cover her mouth first. So silly.

Later that evening Ava had an idea to go on a neighborhood walk to every house on our street to look at their front doors. She and Leah ooh'd and ah'd at every one. Funny little girls.