Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Last night's cold weather and rain created hail. Eric picked up a handful for a photo.

This morning Eric saw this piled up at the bottom of the slide.

And, Saddleback Mountain looks like this.

I am ready for summer.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Team Pictures

We received the team photos this week. They make me chuckle. The Pirates are undefeated 4-0. I wasn't even sure that they kept score.

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Everyone came to Ava's game last Saturday to help cheer her on. She was shy about it but loved having everyone there. Thanks for coming!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Back Yard

The back yard is blooming. The weather has been perfect.

Ava and Leah love eating the snap peas right off the vine.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We haven't been down in the canyon for a while but this week we revisited our canyon horse friends. They are so pretty and friendly too.

There are so many interesting things down in the canyon. It is a different world.

Farms and orchards.

And even a wildlife sanctuary.

And pretty views from the top.

It is fun to explore.

Saturday, February 18, 2012


On Ava's softball team, the players rotate through all of the positions giving each girl equal time at each spot. Today, one of Ava's positions was catcher. We've been waiting for this because the girls look SO ridiculous in all of that gear. Ava didn't "catch" one pitch. It was awesome.

She did have a great hit and stole 3rd base though!


Ava was invited to Molly's 5th birthday party at Build-A-Bear. She was so excited since this was her first time there. She fell fast in love with the bunny and named it Shiny. It was a fun party for a small group of girls. They were the perfect age and ate up every part of the process. Ava also got to chose an outfit and has plans for more. Happy Birthday, Molly! Thanks for a fun party and for being such a great friend to Ava.


Just the other day I looked over at Leah and she had her thumb in her mouth holding her blanket with the same hand with the silky part on her nose and I thought, I need to take more pictures of Leah like that because that IS Leah. She loves her blankie and her thumb. She instantly is calmed when she is in that stance. Today, we lost her blanket. The light pink baby softest blanket from the Gap with the satin border that the Eisenbises actually bought for Ava before Ava was even born 5 years ago. Leah quickly adopted it as her own as an infant. It has been everywhere with us, everywhere, everyday. Today we were walking to the softball fields, I was pushing the stroller with Leah, keeping track of Ava walking in the street, carrying the bag with all of the softball gear (including a bat that kept trying to fall out), and my purse with the blanket slung over the top. The blanket must have slipped off somewhere. At the end of the game, Leah asked for blankie and I realized that it was missing. We searched around the bleachers, retraced our steps to the car, asked the snack shack guy if it had been turned in, checked the car and the trunk, drove home to check to house, ended up going back to the fields to see if someone turned it in at the baseball fields across the way....it was no where. I think Ava and I were more distraught than Leah! She has been a trooper about it. She was sad, but almost immediately said, "I have my white blankie" and got the other blanket out of her crib and assumed her usual position. I love her, so resilient. There is still a glimmer of hope that next week when we head back to the fields that it will be stashed away in a lost and found or something. That blanket was really well loved. I'm sorry we lost it, little Leah. I never did take any other pictures but here are a couple from the past.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's

This year we ended up making three Valentine's cards.
One was a photo card for the family.

One for Ava's Lady Pirates softball team with bubbles.

And one for Ava's preschool class and animal adventure class.
The popular glow bracelet valentine!

We also got these cute heart balloons for our house and Sunday dinner.

We made Valentine's bags at the Suman's house last Sunday during the Super Bowl. Ava was SO excited when Jeremy put in a Valentine for her. I wish I could have gotten a video of it. Eric worked forever on his and changed his idea a bunch of times. The skiing balloon guy ended up being cute.

On Monday, Ava's class had their Valentine's party and she got a big bag of Valentine's from her classmates. She had such a great day.

The night before, I set up the table and they were really excited in the morning.

On V'day, Isabell came over with roses for me and cute valentine's from her girls which was so sweet.

The girls also go these cute packages from Gram and Grandpa. The Kit Kats were gone before I even saw them and they have been using their cute new hear cups ever since.

Eric is taking me out to a fancy steak dinner date. I got him a movie (Tree of Life) and candy. The girls got a ton of love notes from me and Eric got them their favorite big candy bar. We went out to for pizza together as a family...so romantic! The girls LOVE holidays! Ava made this valentine for us at school.

And this "poem" one for Dad at church.