Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Disney

Christmas is in full bloom at Disneyland. We were having a warm spell so we decided to go to Disneyland at night again after Eric got off work. The girls love the Monorail and we love that it drops us off right next to Autopia. Leah drove me around on Autopia. It was a jerky ride. She loved it. We also got to go on other favorites like Nemo and Dumbo.

There were so many magical moments that night like when it started snowing during the light show by Small World. The girls were amazed.

Later we watched the fireworks over the castle. We haven't done that for a long time and it was so pretty.

It was a fun night with all of the lights and Christmas spirit in the air. It was a balmy 65 while we were there too, perfect. Disney knows how to do magic.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visit to Santa

We took the girls to see Santa at Fashion Island. It was a gorgeous day out and didn't feel like Christmas at all with the 80 degree weather. The girls were so excited about getting to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas. We had high hopes of Leah actually sitting with Santa this year. Here they are waiting in line.

Leah didn't even say hello before blurting out that she wants an Ariel doll from Santa this year. Ava wants a Jasmine doll. Leah was happy to sit on Santa's lap and we were so glad to get a good picture. We really couldn't ask for a cuter picture!

After Santa we went over to the Christmas tree and actually got some good pictures this time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Decking the Halls

We set up our Christmas tree tonight and tomorrow we'll finish decorating it and the living room. It is our first pre-lit tree and it is amazing. So easy to set up. The girls were so happy to have a little Christmas in our house. It was a little sad to take down the Thanksgiving decorations so early but we are all feeling better and Thanksgiving is over at our house. Welcome Christmas!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

On Wednesday we drove to AZ for Thanksgiving weekend. We spent the afternoon hanging out with the Bates. Ava went with Savanna to her preschool. Ava had so much fun and liked the class hamster too. I went with Rachael to watch Carter's first grade program. He did a great job singing! That night Adrian and Ryan got into town too.

On Thursday the runners (Eric, Rachael, Meredith, Sara, Adrian, Karis, and Marty) headed out early for the 10k Turkey Trot in Mesa. We came down to cheer them on and watch. The kids were so patient waiting for everyone to come around the corner for the finish line. They were chanting "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy..." and then once he passed they started chanting "Rachael, Rachael, Rachael.." It was pretty cute. A few personal goals were met for the race and everyone did such a great job. It was fun to watch.

After the race we went to Del Taco with Meredith and then got ready for the big dinner at Uncle Craig's house.

At Craig's house...there were millions of Boswells! It is so fun to get together with everyone every other year. Look at this set up! Craig and Dawna are so nice to host the dinners and do much of the cooking.

It was Sara's birthday on Thanksgiving and after Craig gave out the instructions, everyone sang Happy Birthday to her.

Table shots taken my wonderful husband that honored my wish to have these.

Fun shots.

The Kathy Boswell-Bartlett family photo...I wish all of the families would have done this.

We didn't get all of the pictures that we wanted to. We didn't even get to talk with all of our cousins and family because shortly after dessert I started feeling really sick, then Leah started feeling sick, then Ava, then Meredith... We left Craig's house once the vomiting started in hopes that no one else would be effected. We had the worst night ever at the Bates house. During the night Eric got sick too, and Carter, and Rich. The poor little girls were up every half hour throwing up in bowls. The next day we did laundry and started packing for home. Carter and Ava were so sad that we were going. Poor kids. It was really sad to leave and miss out on all of the festivities and fun that were happening the rest of the weekend but we need to be at our own house so the girls could get better. We hoped that the worst was over but that night we heard that this flu bug or whatever it was spread to about 9 or 10 more family members. Awful way to spend the holidays. We need a Thanksgiving re-do!! We were gypped.

Our trip ended looking like this. Poor baby girls.

This evening, Saturday, the girls are finally starting to act like their old selves. They slept perfectly in their beds here at home. Ava finally is able to hold down some food at dinner time. It's been a really, really long 48 hours. We are glad to be at home and on the mend. The Bates were such great hosts even when we were creating lots of laundry and messes and were really no fun at all. We do appreciate you guys. Can't wait to see you at New Years, let's hope we are a little more fun then.

Next Boswell Thanksgiving, 2013...so sad.