Sunday, June 26, 2011

Leah is 2!

Leah is 2! I can't believe she is two, our little baby. We had a lot of fun celebrating with Leah. She shares her birthday with her cousin, Jill, so we had a joint family party last night. It was a pink theme and the girls loved it.

Between the two girls there were a lot of presents to open. Leah's favorite of the night...a sequined purse with coins inside. Thanks Eisenbises! She is still carrying it around.

Fun family!

Of course, Ava was a big helper with opening presents.

Right after gifts, the Willards got into town from Texas! We all headed out front to greet them driving up.

Group shot!

Leah was a little nervous of the hot candles but Ava stepped up and helped her out.

Thanks to everyone for making this a special and fun day for Leah!
Happy Birthday, girls!

Eric and I came up with a list of things that we wanted to say or remember about Leah at this's long - there are so many more random things to say but this is good for now. :)
  • knock knock jokes with spitting
  • shaking hair down into her eyes
  • loves food especially salty foods like crackers and chips
  • likes to eat multiple meals
  • when she acts silly and talks loud she brings her eyebrows down way low
  • she has tantrums but they usually end quickly
  • pretty obedient
  • goes to bed perfectly 99% of the time
  • loves swimming and her bathing suit
  • loves money and her piggy bank
  • thinks ava is the funniest person alive (right along with Eric)
  • more opinionated hence the tantrums
  • loves Baby Einstein, aka the lion one aka Baby Newton
  • she likes to climb up onto the TV stand in the playroom, get the movies down and just stare at her movies
  • loves her flip flops
  • loves the iPod touch
  • has good pitch and can match singing the same notes as Eric or a song on the radio
  • she has a routine on the playground - she hangs on the bar, then climbs the ladder, turns the steering wheel and then goes down the slide, repeat
  • loves chapstick and lotion
  • talks about bonking her knee constantly - it happened two months ago.
  • loves shredded beef from cafe rio
  • tries to do gymnastics like Ava. She can do foward roll but then tries to do a bridge by laying down and putting her pelvis in the air.
  • she loves her nursery teachers
  • she points out things that are high up and says "it's high"
  • she asks for "mama" constantly - I put her in the car, close the door and walk around to my door and she is in there asking Ava or Eric where I am..."where's mama?"
  • she loves to sit in Ava's car seat
  • she loves her cousin Anna and likes to feed her cheerios
I found this silly face picture of Leah from Father's Day and a couple others. She has such great expressions.

Here are two little videos:



I took Leah to the Doctor and she has grown so much. Her stats are 35.8" tall (93%) and 28.7 lbs (70%). She is a big girl! She didn't have to have shots but we did discover that she has swimmer's ear! Poor girl. Too much time at the pool.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Welcome Summer

Summer is here! School is out and the weather has gotten hot, but not too hot. Perfect 80s and sunny. So happy about that! The girls and I have been to the pool almost every day for two weeks, some days twice. They are loving being in the water and playing. Ava had another set of lessons and she is so much more confident now. She can jump in and swim and can swim the width of the pool. Here are two videos of Ava's "mad skills" (her new saying):



Ava also got some new goggles. She loves being able to see underwater and not having to worry about keeping her eyes closed.

Here is a video of Leah playing on the steps pretending to swim. She looks like a tadpole or something. Haha!


The other evening we met up with Camille, Jeremy and Anna at our pool for some fun time. Anna was so adorable in her suit. Ava cracks me up in her goggles. She looks like a different kid.

Leah is, of course, attached to me in the pool. Every time I even mention swimming or pool and runs to find her bathing suit and then says, "mama bathing suit, too?" She knows if I'm not wearing my swim suit, I am not going in. Smart girl.

Eric and Jeremy played games together the whole time. They were missing Bryan who was working late.

We have a lot more pool time coming this summer. Can't wait!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day 2011

The girls helped me make this makeshift banner and a homemade french toast breakfast for Eric.

They also colored cards for Eric (downloaded from here) and for the rest of our day Ava kept saying "Best Dad, Ever!" and "My Dad is Rad!" Those cards became the slogans for the day.

Ava decided she wanted to get Eric a new shirt.

Here is to the best Dad ever! But, it's true, Eric is a really great dad. Always patient, kind, and super fun. We love you and appreciate you!

Leah wanted a picture with her "mama" too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday in Suburbia

Jeremy had his birthday party on Saturday. It was at Pump It Up. It was a really fun party. The kids had a blast jumping and sliding in the dark glow bounce house rooms. Even the adults got in on it with obstacle races, boxing, and sliding. It was exhausting! Jeremy loves to be center of attention and here he is with all of his friends at the party.

I thought Anna, Ava and Leah were so cute sitting in the front together. The kids were supposed to make a funny face but of course the little ones didn't really get what was going on.

When they weren't jumping, the adults watched from the sideline.

After jumping we went to the party room where Jeremy had a huge throne for gifts and there was a yummy lunch of pizza, chips, veggies and fruit.

Look at all of these kids!
Luckily the staff did most of the work of serving and cleaning up.

And, of course, cupcakes for dessert. Happy Birthday, Jeremy! Thanks for having a fun party!

The rest of the afternoon was spent doing yard work. We needed to replant our front flowerbed. We kept it ultra simple with geraniums that will grow up to fill the space better and will bloom throughout the year. We also added fresh mulch in the flower beds. And, we got our palm trees trimmed last was long past due. Now our house looks like we just moved in!

We went to dinner at Baja Fresh and let the girls play in the splash pad while we ate in peace. They were cute just sitting on the bench together chomping on chips. Eric got the camera out hoping to catch a cute sister moment. But, he captured them both noticing the camera.

Fun Saturday in suburbia!